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Nicole Martin

I am a VP of Digital Strategy by day, and a supermom by night!  I am a proud Elon University graduate with over 14 years of experience on both sides of the fence, working in corporate and agency settings.  At Pace, I work to maximize online visibility, plan and create efficiencies for digital marketing strategies, and increase the volume of qualified visitors to the sites of many of our top clients. When not working, I enjoy all thing active and outdoors.  I love to run, bike, kayak, hike, participate in triathlons, and play a good game of basketball in the driveway. My husband and I are raising two kids and a German Shepherd.

Wearable Design: Why Thinking Small Is Really the Big Idea

Wearable devices are becoming more popular and more affordable, so your websites and apps need to be responsive to these tiny screens. Learn more here.

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Eight Digital Design Trends That Will Improve Your UX

With plenty of time in the calendar to execute development and design updates, consider implementing some of these top design trends to improve your UX this year.

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Nine Email Tests to Boost Engagement in 2017

Email is an important stream of communication to both B2B and B2C audiences. Here are nine recommendations for testing and optimizing your email campaigns.

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Evaluating Success: Key Performance Questions to Ask Yourself

All good analytics start with great questions. To help you improve your digital marketing efforts, here are some of my top key performance questions (KPQs).

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The Importance of Online Customer Reviews

Aside from word of mouth, I often research products based on customer reviews, and with the holiday season approaching, I thought I would speak to you, as a digital marketer, about all the benefits online customer reviews offer your website.

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Optimize Your Site’s Content Experience with Segmentation and Personalization

Creating a custom content experience is easier than ever and while segmentation is a great start, we should all aim to optimize sites through personalization.

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Content Optimization: Making Your Website Most Effective

In our latest Pace whitepaper we break down the five core competencies we prioritize within digital optimization to measure and improve digital strategy on a continual basis.

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21 Automated Email Campaign Ideas to Boost Loyalty, Engagement and Sales

As with all marketing programs, whether your goals are awareness, engagement and/or conversion, it’s important to make sure you’re working smart and not hard.

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