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A Content Marketer’s Guide to Managing Duplicate Content

Search engines are pushing themselves to be smarter, creating rules for their bots to grade, praise and penalize online content. Original, relevant content is the golden ticket to online success, and on the opposite end is duplicate content. Learn how to detect and delete duplicate content here.



Using Fashion and Technology to Create Unique Customer Experiences

Fashion and technology both embody innovation. When the two unite it can be a powerful way to connect consumers to brands they love and provide distinct shopping experiences.

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Evaluating Success: Key Performance Questions to Ask Yourself

All good analytics start with great questions. To help you improve your digital marketing efforts, here are some of my top key performance questions (KPQs).

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How Three Brands Are Using Facebook Live

It’s been only a few months since Facebook Live rolled out to the general public, and it’s already seen great success for brands and consumers alike. Here are three examples of brands that utilizing this new content tool.

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Determining Success: The Value in Conducting a Content Audit

A content audit is a simple yet richly informative process that can help you uncover the trends that drive your brand's success. We explain the value here.

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The Importance of Online Customer Reviews

Aside from word of mouth, I often research products based on customer reviews, and with the holiday season approaching, I thought I would speak to you, as a digital marketer, about all the benefits online customer reviews offer your website.

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Online Content Analysis Is The New SWOT

Based on the dynamics of today’s consumer-oriented marketplace, is SWOT the most suitable tool? Or is an online content analysis more effective? Let's explore.

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Behind the Scenes on Content Creation with Molly and Karen

We asked Molly McGinn, senior editor, and Karen Sommerfeld, editor about their processes, practices and inspirations when it comes to creating content. Here's what they had to say.

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Five Brands That Used The Election and Won

A few brave brands decided to take on the challenge of using this unprecedented election to their advantage. We looked at how they did it and what made their ad campaigns successful.

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