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Five Ways to Improve Your Company’s Data-Driven Capabilities

Data is one of a company’s most valuable, but underused business assets. It’s easy to talk about how powerful it can be, but it’s another thing to make it work within your organization. Here are five tips to overcome some common data roadblocks to improve your organization's analytical insights, making you more data-driven.



From the Mind of a Millennial: Juniors and Seniors

Millennials were born as early as 1981 and as late as 2000, so we have vastly different life experiences. Learn the differences between junior and senior millennials.

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Engage or Disrupt? Maximizing Content Investment Through Email Marketing

The development of a detailed email marketing strategy can lead to increases in ROI. In our whitepaper, we explain how to develop your strategy in detail.

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Why Your Content Needs an Integrated Customer-Centric Approach

Understanding the data is vital for brands that want to connect with consumers as it allows tailoring content to a target audience. Here are some tips that can help your brand become more consumer-centric.

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A Comprehensive SEO Checklist for a Website Launch

You’re here because it’s time to launch a new or redesigned website, and you want to get it right. Part of that means optimizing your site to be found by search engines. Use this SEO checklist to ensure a worry-free website launch.

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Using Fashion and Technology to Create Unique Customer Experiences

Fashion and technology both embody innovation. When the two unite it can be a powerful way to connect consumers to brands they love and provide distinct shopping experiences.

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Evaluating Success: Key Performance Questions to Ask Yourself

All good analytics start with great questions. To help you improve your digital marketing efforts, here are some of my top key performance questions (KPQs).

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How Three Brands Are Using Facebook Live

It’s been only a few months since Facebook Live rolled out to the general public, and it’s already seen great success for brands and consumers alike. Here are three examples of brands that utilizing this new content tool.

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