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Four Handy WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Content Marketing

WordPress plugins are a bit like fashion accessories: Having too many will clutter up your look. The right ones, however, will pull the whole thing together and make it more appealing. Here are just a few of the 50,000+ plugins that will improve your site.



Why You Don’t Want Your Content to Go Viral

Striving to create viral content can be tempting, but here are just a few reasons why you don’t want your content to go viral.

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How Apple’s Curated User-Generated Content Boosts Engagement

UGC is one powerful element of Apple’s content strategy and it can be highly valuable for your brand if you use it to craft curated content packages.

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Three Lessons in Content Marketing From Brand #Fails

t’s always good to explore new ideas for your brand, but missteps occur. Here are a few brand #fails that can help us become smarter content marketers.

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People of Pace: Sarah Lindsay

In this edition of People of Pace, meet Sarah Linsday, a poet, copyeditor and all-around awesome person.

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Wearable Design: Why Thinking Small Is Really the Big Idea

Wearable devices are becoming more popular and more affordable, so your websites and apps need to be responsive to these tiny screens. Learn more here.

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From the Mind of a Millennial: The Differences in Millennial Spending

By looking at their shopping habits, we can further explore the differences between junior and senior millennials.

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How Blue Apron’s Content Marketing Made Me a Loyal Customer

After hearing a lot of hype from friends and family, I got Blue Apron. Along with the food, I found even more to love: great content marketing.

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Using Data to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

The customer-first approach isn’t a new concept, but it’s getting easier with the plethora of new platforms available.

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Eight Digital Design Trends That Will Improve Your UX

With plenty of time in the calendar to execute development and design updates, consider implementing some of these top design trends to improve your UX this year.

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