3 Basics to Manage Your Company’s Social Media

3 Basics to Manage Your Company’s Social Media child page title

Social media can be a fun and tricky world all in one for any company. Get it right and your brand can be launched into Internet fame. Get it wrong and you could be lost in the social shadows. In today’s digital world, consumers want to relate to their favorite brands on a more human level and social is a spectacular tool to make this happen.

Of course, the purpose of social media marketing is to grab attention from the millions of messages being thrown at consumers every minute. But you don’t want to stand in the social spotlight for the wrong reasons. There is no formula for the perfect messaging mix, we do have some tips to master the basics:

1. No more megaphone! Sit and listen

The biggest failure among social media for brands is talking at people. A good habit is to join conversations organically and show your passion for what you do or your product. A good way to start a conversation is to provide something of value to your consumers, fans, and followers. Make sure what you broadcast to your audience is meaningful and relevant to their lives. Stimulating content will encourage engagement of the like-minded consumers following your company.

2. It’s not an intern’s job

Sure, we’re all going a million miles a minute in a busy work environment. But you can’t afford not to know what’s being said by your brand after you give the social channel keys to an entry-level employee. Don’t undermine the importance and turn the reputation of the brand or company over to someone who knows little about it. There is no harm in having an intern pitch in on the workload of creating content. Simply make sure a more experienced set of eyes checks posts first and then hits the share button. Social media is the last thing a business owner should give up because nobody knows the company like the people that work there long term.

3. Find your sweet spot

Sorting out your company’s social media strategy can be intimidating with the plethora of platforms to potential optimize. Companies should pick one medium they feel comfortable with to start as they begin to find their digital voice. What are your goals? Who’s your target market? These are questions to answer before you start posting. The wonderful aspect of social media is that you can be flexible. It’s ok to experiment and find out what works best for your business. Don’t overthink it! Social media is a new way of communicating and enjoying content. There is nothing to be afraid of.