Our People

The many faces that make us Pace.

I’m wanderlusting hard for the Amalfi Coast right now. It caters to all of my weaknesses: Sunshine, pasta, beaches and charming Italians.
Elyse Bradley, Content Director
I knew I was going to be an artist when I was 5. My dad got colored pencils and sat me next to him. I’d draw the stories he’d tell me.
Camilo Perdomo, Senior Art Director
I’m great at cracking a joke at the worst (or best depending on your POV) possible moment.
Neil Marion, Creative Director
Being a non-creative, it’s very refreshing to work among these brilliant minds and be in awe of the work they create.
Melissa Tierney, Director of Finance
I have a board in my home office of what I call “BARS” – bad ass rock stars – women who do amazing things and have overcome great odds. They inspire me.
Tracy Clark, Creative Director
At Pace you can have the same conversation with the president as you can with the girl sitting next to you. I love that.
Shaunna Campbell, Assistant Account Executive
The perfectionist in me always remembers, 'failure is not an option.' Wise words from Apollo 13.
Emily Howard, Associate Editor
I get inspired by being given a deadline.
Austin Harris, Senior Art Director
I get inspired by the greats! Anthony Bourdain, Kanye West, Isabel Allende, Louis C.K., James Baldwin.
Donovan McKnight, Editor
There’s only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time.
Austin Morton, Editor
I can’t live without TV. I’m a total couch potato and reality TV junkie.
Lymari Miranda, Art Director
I love working at Pace because of my coworkers. I’ve created some great friendships here.
Kevin Smithey, Senior Art Director
“Conceived by genius, achieved by dauntless resolution and unconquerable faith.” –Wright Brothers Memorial
Molly McGinn, Senior Editor
I often find that it’s only through writing that I understand how I’m feeling or what I think about certain topics.
Alex Herring, Web Video Writer
I love working at Pace because there are so many talented people who are passionate about what they do.
Christie Hailey, Senior Art Director
I can't live without ice cream. Or TV. Eating ice cream + binge-watching something = my perfect night.
Liz Olech, Digital Editor
If I were a type of candy, I'd be a dark chocolate bar with almonds. It’s elegant, and has a hint of irony because nuts are good source of protein.
Britta Waller Melton, Creative Director
Q: What is your favorite memory? A: My memory is terrible, so I always use my wife’s. Let me check with her.
Kevin de Miranda, Creative Director
If there were a zombie apocalypse, there’s no way I would survive it. Zombieland’s rule #1: CARDIO – definitely not my strongest area.
Chris Vernon, Designer
Q: Star Wars or Star Trek? A: Starbucks.
Bridget Landwehrmann, Associate Project Manager
If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Because why not?
Alexandra Pappas, Account Supervisor
I need music. It gets the creative juices flowing, relaxes me when I’m anxious and keeps me focused when I have a lot going on.
Jeanne King, Art Director
Q: What’s something you can’t live without? A: The basic side of me says "concealer"; the not-so-basic side says "books.”
Jen Hasty, Associate Editor
If I were a Muppet I’d be Beaker. He’s awesome and survives all sorts of explosive situations.
Jennifer Cocks, Human Resources Coordinator
Things I love about my life: family, friends, fun, freedom, delicious food and beer.
Rick Kupselaitis, Account Director
I get to come to work every day and collaborate with some of the most talented people I’ve ever met.
Josh Barrer, Associate Editor
I love living in a world with fireflies, french roast coffee, my 6-minute commute, lily-of-the-valley perfume and dogs.
Karen Sommerfeld, Editor
If I were the last human on Earth, I’d keep exercising. I’d need to be able to outmaneuver whatever killed everyone else.
Courtney Matherly, Media Analyst
I love that I get paid to write all day!
Abrea Armstrong, Associate Editor
I create content that helps people connect with a brand that they love and get the most of their relationship with that brand.
Erin Perkins, Editor
The bigger you dream, the harder you have to work. My parents taught me that, and I apply it to my life every single day.
Jennie Ahlgren, Account Manager
I keep a light saber in my bedroom for emergency situations.
Tommy Alderson, Associate Creative Director