Print + Video = Match Made in Heaven

Print + Video = Match Made in Heaven child page title

We’re lucky to have loyal readers over here at Spirit, and we constantly strive to deliver fresh material to keep our fans engaged. As a content agency, we want to reach our readers through multiple platforms, and video has helped us reach our readers in ways print can’t always do.

It’s one thing to read a story; it’s quite another to see it come to life. As travel editor, I’ve been hosting videos of my monthly adventures, and Southwest has recently invited us to contribute some of our content to their blog, Nuts About Southwest.

We’ve started exploring how our videos can become that added extra bonus both clients and readers crave.

Use video to supplement our features

There’s only so much space on a printed page to describe a certain location or experience I encounter on my trips. So why not add a video and give readers an insider’s look at some of these places? That’s exactly what we did in our January issue when we created a behind-the-scenes video with Cirque du Soleil. And I even tried a few stunts myself (though I couldn’t move for days afterward).

And we’re not just talking travel videos. Members of the Spirit staff were recently tasked with learning new tricks in our January feature. One of our associate editors, Gabbi, was challenged with facing her fear of dancing in public. Not only did she conquer the fear – she mastered the moves. And we’ve got the video to prove it.

Videos like these give readers a chance to get to know our staff; it helps them relate to us even more—whether they’re watching me get shown up by the amazing athletes of Cirque du Soleil or watching Gabbi strut her stuff on the dance floor.

Create video contests

Last year, we invited readers to send us a video of themselves describing their best travel tip. Winners received a hotel stay in Las Vegas. Of course, besides the obvious lure of winning a prize, it gave our readers a chance to be heard and let them know we as the Spirit staff care about their insight and can learn from our readers as well.

Get clients involved

We’ve recently tossed around the idea of creating videos to accompany other sections of our magazine, such as our Drink column, which would feature our staffers learning to make the popular cocktails that run each month. Talk about good times!

As you can tell, you’ll be seeing a lot more of the Spirit staff in the upcoming months. Not only does it give traditional readers of our print products something extra and unique that can’t be found anywhere else, it also keeps them coming back for more. Make it personal and allow fan’s voices to be heard.