Creating Real Time Verizon Video Content at CES 2013

Creating Real Time Verizon Video Content at CES 2013 child page title

Imagine the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (simply known as CES to all techies) as a giant candy land for tech geeks. This year, Pace dove in head first with our real-time reporting team as part of the large-scale gadget extravaganza. There were no regrets! We got our hands on the latest and greatest in tech, all for the love of our client.

We unleashed a group of Pace editors and videographers, armed with press passes and caffeine, to brave the crowds on the Vegas strip. Their mission: live reporting on behalf of our Verizon client at the world’s biggest technology showcase. Partnering with our home team back in North Carolina, the group maintained a steady stream of interesting, entertaining and fresh online content throughout the week. Everything from first glimpses of the hottest new devices, technology demos and how-to videos, and even showing a different prospective (literally) of the event with the latest drone technology. All in all, pretty cool stuff.

But what about the process?

Defined Roles

From an editorial standpoint, CES was all about dividing and conquering. One team member would be with the camera crew and host, while another scoped out the next content opportunity, and a third teammate finalized the copy and video. Back in Greensboro our account leads, art directors, editors and social media coordinators prepped copy, images and posts to rapidly spin them into near real-time updates appearing everywhere from the Verizon Wireless Your Guide to Verizon’s social channels.

Flexible Communication

As in any situation, moving so fast it’s hard to keep everyone on the same page. Staying flexible and keeping a clear line of communication open was vital. Even with a three hour time difference working against us in Vegas, we met our goal of publishing a majority of the content the same day it was originally produced. We wanted to tweet about this personal, portable broadcast solution as quickly as possible! An established workflow in our editorial management tool kept everyone in the loop on legal changes and posting progress as content was pushed through the Verizon funnel and live on Verizon YouTube.

Dedicated Crew

Real-time content is never possible without a dedicated team with a purpose. The attitude of any team is the essential ingredient for success. Make sure you have and hire the right team that is willing to work the hours and move at the pace necessary to deliver. As they say, you are only as strong as your weakest link. The passion of the team will show through in the end result (especially when they bring you exclusive content found no where else).

Before You Go …

So, ready to jump into real-time event content? Here’s what we recommend:

  • Leave with a plan in hand – Research well in advance and know what you want to cover. It’s better to make adjustments at the event than start from scratch.
  • Know your place – Make sure everyone plays a part and knows their part. Each person should be responsible for specific tasks to keep the workflow moving.
  • Talk, talk and talk some more – If there is a change in plans, have a way of getting in touch with everyone. Stay in the loop, get on the same page, whatever you want to call it; communication will determine the success (and timeliness) of your content.
  • Follow the rules – Don’t forget what your clients needs are. Focus on the purpose of your presence at the event and don’t get sidetracked or produce unusable content.

For those of you not able to experience what 2013 has in store for us CES, here is a sampling of what our Verizon Pace team was able to put forth to hungry tech junkies. You can view all the content produced for Verizon at

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