Social Media Owes Thanks To Apple

Social Media Owes Thanks To Apple child page title

It’s a sad day in the technology world. Honestly, I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without the creations of Steve Jobs. As I reflected on his passing on October 5, I couldn’t help but think how technology (especially in the past decade) has shaped the success of social media.

The social media boom we are all familiar with is often attributed to Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. There’s no doubting his genius and the incredible impact his networking platform has had on communications around the world. In our new social world, we collaborate, advertise and consume information in ways never possible before this millennium.

But what is the driving force behind the success of social media? There seems to be a piece of the puzzle that never gets the credit it deserves. We have to remember the technology. Without gadgets like iPhones, Androids, tablets and other mobile devices, social networks simply would not get the attention they enjoy today.

Companies like Apple and Google have created platforms that people want to interact with rather than feel they have to interact with. Would you use these services as often if you had to log on through a PC or Mac every time, and your phone was only used to make calls?

The innovative things we take for granted in our digital world have brought together hardware and software to work in perfect harmony. One often struggles to survive without the other, and we have seen that together they form a perfect combination.

The latest Apple operating system, iOS5, is due to unleash its power on the world next week. It is considered the most social friendly platform release in Apple’s history. You have to admit that Apple has always understood what their consumers want better than any other company and, sometimes, even before we knew what we wanted ourselves.

So next time you “tweet,” “like,” connect, share, post or link to something, take a look at what you’re doing it on and remember the minds that made it so easy for us.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for sharing your ideas with the world. You will be missed. 

Photo by npbn on Flickr via CC License