The Importance of Design—Thank you, Steve Jobs

The Importance of Design—Thank you, Steve Jobs
October 10, 2011

We are more and more inclined within our business these days to talk about content as “liquid” or “living in buckets” or even as an “asset to be managed.” It’s an understandable development as we work with our clients to deploy their ideas and opinions and information across devices and platforms and shareable applications.

And while we always know that the design, appearance, look and feel of those words is implicit in our descriptor: “Content”—that’s not always apparent to the outside world, who may be looking at our skill set only in terms of writing and editing.

The creation of great design is fundamental to the success of presenting great editorial content. Design illuminates and amplifies the meaning and the power of words in our world—just as great product design enhances the aesthetic enjoyment and effectiveness of anything from furniture to, well, electronic devices.

We have an amazingly talented group of designers here at Pace, and their world is changing every bit as fast as everyone else’s—if not more so. The recent good news for them and us is the recent development (and our adoption) of the HTML 5 program that allows them the freedom to design across platforms and to focus their creative efforts on the channels and not the devices on which the content appears. We’re all excited about the high level of the work being produced—although our designers are, as usual, taking the increased attention easily in their phlegmatic and well-practiced strides!

In the blizzard of tributes paid to Steve Jobs over the past few days, the word “visionary” has stood out, and most of the more thoughtful paeans of praise have highlighted Steve Jobs’ obsessive attention to design and detail as a key feature of the success of Apple.

My favorite person to follow on Twitter is the British commentator/personality/wit Stephen Fry (@stephenfry), and his appreciation of Steve Jobs is the best I’ve read.

I commend it to you:

Photo by ssoosay on Flickr via CC License

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