Pace Insights/Gordon Locke

Gordon Locke

There is nowhere Gordon hasn’t traveled for clients in his career—well, OK, maybe not the Amazon. He’s a world traveler and often in the air heading to advise or collaborate with some amazing brands. All told, he’s a multimillion-miler with visits to more than 40 countries and cool cities with great food like Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires, Addis Ababa, Shanghai and Mumbai. Gordon is a native North Carolinian and has lived in Washington, D.C., Honolulu, Dallas and now Greensboro, North Carolina. Gordon leads our client solutions partner organization, brand marketing and a team of new relationship professionals. He is a blend of right-brained and left-brained thinking. He can be wildly creative or develop a lean and mean strategy, and he serves as an advisor to a number of CMOs at any given time. Known for being easy to talk to and having a quick wit, Gordon has a formula for marketing success that includes a proven grasp of strategy, execution, culture and structure. He has a knack for listening his way into a problem and ideating his way through the complexity. Before joining Pace, he spent 25 years getting powerful results for companies he worked for, like The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), Sabre, Hawaiian Airlines and Rosenbluth-American Express, and his many clients over the years such as Rackspace, USAA, Fossil, TIAA, BB&T, Teradata, Lycra, HP Enterprise, Dell and Intuit.