Pace Insights/Karen Rhodes

Karen Rhodes


In the world of content creation, print magazines were my first love. I’ve spent countless hours poring over articles in every possible setting (home, pool, beach, waiting room, hotel, plane, train, automobile), circling things, filling in crossword puzzles, and tearing out pages to save. I was even matched by ’TEEN magazine with a pen pal who later became one of my bridesmaids. Although print mags will always hold a special place in my heart, the truth is that I love interesting and engaging content no matter the format. Outside of Pace, where I’m an Associate Creative Director, you’ll find me renovating/repairing a 1947 house, texting my grown children who are off pursuing their own adventures, and enjoying food, wine, music and Greensboro (the ninth city/town I’ve called home) with my husband and friends.