Photo Producer

Position Summary

The Photo Producer estimates fees and expenses for photo shoots and the purchase of artwork. The ideal candidate has familiarity with specific media usage as related to establishing fees and knows the marketplace with respect to costs. The Photo Producer also sources and recommends talented photographers and illustrators that are appropriate for the execution of the agency’s creative concepts under existing timetables and budgets. This role is responsible for all items photo related to custom shoots, stock photography, and found photos. Please note: this is a temporary position.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Coordinates, selects and recommends talent portfolios
  • Oversees budgets as jobs are in progress
  • Coordinates pre-production planning
  • Maintains awareness of visual trends in the graphic arts field
  • Oversees the purchase of retouching services
  • Negotiates and produces written model and property releases
  • Recognizes possible legal pitfalls and guards agency and client against them, particularly copyright issues
  • Approves all related invoices and is responsible for insuring that all costs are substantiated
  • Produces all aspects of the print shoot from layout approval through attendance, when deemed necessary, at the shoot
  • Renegotiates usage rights for extended periods of use after completion of the first agreed-to use period

Job Qualifications

Education:  Bachelor of Arts or Fine Arts

Experience:  Two or more years as an assistant in an art buying group or as a stock photo buyer


  • Basic knowledge of and familiarity with the graphic arts industry
  • Ethical and fair personality
  • Leadership – the ability and talent to be a respected voice with outside suppliers while maintaining equal respect within the agency


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This job is in our Greensboro office