Content Plus 2021

Content+ brings together leaders from some of the largest and most innovative brands across the country for the purpose of networking and thought leadership. Speakers, panels and discussions cover a range of topics focusing on innovations in the marketing landscape that level up strategies for growth through content marketing.


May 24–28 | A Virtual Conference

Content+ 2021 is a virtual event consisting of 11 45-minute sessions spanning five days. More accessible than ever before, this year’s virtual conference will offer attendees a daily dose of inspiration without consuming their entire day.

This year’s theme is “A New Era in Storytelling: How Tech + Creative Deliver Stories of Relevancy, Emotion and Purpose.” In a market that is saturated with storytellers, how does a brand stand out and make sure its story is crafted and disseminated in a way that connects with audiences and gets results? Sourcing and developing impactful stories is only the start. A unique combination of tech and creative brings these stories to life and delivers results.



12–12:05 P.M. ET / 9–9:05 A.M. PT

Kickoff Day 1

Pace’s Angie Porow, Associate Director of Strategy, and Brian Bowen, Vice President, Head of Production and Executive Producer, kick off the conference. Human-to-human storytelling has become ubiquitous. Standing out requires science and authenticity, as humans rely on memories, experiences and relationships to connect. Monday’s sessions will delve deeper into the mysteries and secrets of better storytelling!

Angie Porow, Associate Director of Strategy, Pace

Experienced in digital, e-commerce and traditional marketing, Porow helps develop and execute holistic marketing strategies that deliver against sales and other KPIs for Pace clients. She is certified in search marketing, content marketing, paid traffic, social media, email marketing, analytics and data, and Google Analytics.

Brian Bowen, Vice President, Head of Production and Executive Producer, Pace

Bowen’s 20+ year career in film, television and advertising production has taken him back and forth between Los Angeles and New York City. A strategic storyteller and marketer, he builds agile content teams, scales award-winning cross-channel marketing programs and produces emotional brand stories that connect with audiences, create grateful viewers and drive results for Pace clients.


12:05–1 P.M. ET / 9:05–10 A.M. PT


Building Powerful Story Arcs for Your Brand

An Emmy and Writers Guild award-winning filmmaker and television producer shares how he captures the hearts and minds of any given audience, and how marketers can do so too. This session will arm you with the key components you need to develop strong emotionally compelling stories.

Terence Winter, Television and Film Writer/Producer

Winter is the Creator and Executive Producer of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire as well as Vinyl. Prior to those shows, he was a writer and Executive Producer of The Sopranos, for which he won four Emmy awards as well as three Writers Guild Awards. In 2014, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his screenplay for The Wolf of Wall Street.


1–1:30 P.M. ET / 10–10:30 A.M. PT

The Humans of Storytelling

Understanding the power of human experiences is the key to building powerful stories that create emotional connections. This session will give you a practical road map for achieving more inclusive storytelling.

Fredgy Noël, Commercial Director, Society, Inc.

Noël got her start writing short-form commercials for networks including MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon and BET. Her stories continue to make it to commercials, in addition to inclusive, female-driven films.

Brian Bowen, Vice President, Head of Production and Executive Producer, Pace

Bowen’s 20+ year career in film, television and advertising production has taken him back and forth between Los Angeles and New York City. A strategic storyteller and marketer, he builds agile content teams, scales award-winning cross-channel marketing programs and produces emotional brand stories that connect with audiences, create grateful viewers and drive results for Pace clients.

Brittany Johnson, Associate Creative Director, Pace

Johnson brings a wealth of experience in production and studio work to the studio team at Pace. She works with lead photographers for all client-facing and internal operations, producing all aspects of commercial photoshoots and facilitating creative conversations.



12–12:05 P.M. ET / 9–9:05 A.M. PT

Kickoff Day 2

Your hosts, Angie Porow and Brian Bowen, kick off Tuesday’s three sessions centered on content and stories that build community and create value. Audiences develop emotional attachments to brands that tell stories that add value to their lives. Learn how any brand can cut through the noise, be seen and move audiences to action.


12:05–12:50 P.M. ET / 9:05–9:50 A.M. PT

The Neuroscience Behind Powerful Storytelling

The content strategist who leads storytelling for the Verizon corporate communications team shares his firsthand experience in using behavioral science theory to more effectively connect with customers.

Jason Small, Verizon

Small is part of the Verizon corporate communications team, which helped rank Verizon’s Corporate News Center within the top 10 of the 2020 Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence. Passionate about storytelling through a science-based lens, Small’s background includes corporate, startup and agency roles across marketing, communications and business development.



12:50–1:30 P.M. ET / 9:50–10:30 A.M. PT

Unseen Content Can’t Be Great: How To Increase Visibility

Why go through the work of creating great content if no one is going to see it? To maximize visibility, it is essential for brands to have a strategic syndication plan that includes organic reach via SEO to find the right audience and build a community around their content.

Sharon Cotliar-Zweifach, Editorial Director, NewYork-Presbyterian

An award-winning journalist, Cotliar-Zweifach has over 25 years of experience in hands-on storytelling as a reporter, writer and later editor for The New York Times, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Denver Post and People. As Editorial Director for NewYork-Presbyterian, Cotliar-Zweifach launched the hospital’s digital content platform, Health Matters, and built a team of extraordinary writers, editors, video producers and art director, who have turned the site into a go-to destination for health content.

Anna Plesset, Art Director, NewYork-Presbyterian

Plesset brings more than 15 years of web design experience and strategic thinking to her role as Art Director behind NewYork-Presbyterian’s Health Matters, a digital content platform featuring the latest news and insights from the hospital system’s world-class medical staff and experts. Also a visual artist, Plesset maintains an active studio practice and exhibits her work regularly.

Angie Porow, Associate Director of Strategy, Pace

Experienced in digital, e-commerce and traditional marketing, Porow helps develop and execute holistic marketing strategies that deliver against sales and other KPIs for Pace clients. She is certified in search marketing, content marketing, paid traffic, social media, email marketing, analytics and data, and Google Analytics.


1:30–2:15 P.M. ET / 10:30–11:15 A.M. PT

It’s All in the Data: Using Your Insights to Develop Compelling Stories

Utilizing data to inform brand storytelling is an industry standard. But how do you ensure that the stories you are crafting are relevant and connect with your audience? Learn how to maximize the insights from your data, develop compelling stories and move your audience to action from Ipsos’ Vice President of Content, Matt Carmichael.

Matt Carmichael, Vice President, Editorial and Content Strategy for North America, Ipsos

Carmichael is an author, speaker, entrepreneurial content marketer and journalist. His prior work at Advertising Age, now Ad Age, led to his first book, Buyographics, which examines key demographic and consumer trends through data, ethnography and reporting. Carmichael’s work has appeared in more than 100 media outlets globally, and he currently edits the monthly “What the Future” for Ipsos.

Leigh Ann Klee, President and Chief Operating Officer, Pace

A Certified Public Accountant, Klee is responsible for all operational activities related to treasury and finance, human resources, information technology and business planning. When she’s not putting together financial insights for Pace, Klee is doing so for the many nonprofits she’s served throughout her life—most recently as a board member of The Presbyterian Homes Inc., where she was made treasurer.



12–12:05 P.M. ET / 9–9:05 A.M. PT

Kickoff Day 3

Angie Porow and Brian Bowen, Pace’s event hosts, kick off Wednesday’s discussions around technology and touch. Ever wonder how brands can maximize tech and touch? Tune in to learn firsthand from one of the largest and newest financial services brands born in the last two decades in the U.S. Leaders in the tech space will also address how to leverage new technologies to get content seen by intentionally connecting with audiences on their preferred channels.


12:05–12:50 P.M. ET / 9:05–9:50 A.M. PT

Intention to Action: Bringing Brand Purpose to Life

Truist came to market in late 2019 with a bold strategy to build trust among existing and prospective clients. At the core of the two major financial institutions (BB&T and SunTrust) that merged to form Truist is a shared purpose: to inspire and build better lives and communities. Discover how they are bringing their purpose to life and redefining the client experience in the financial services category.

Vinoo Vijay, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Truist Financial

With 25 years of experience, Vijay’s expertise is in leading marketing organizations to make meaningful, sustained positive impacts. Prior to joining Truist as Chief Marketing Officer, he served in executive and C-suite marketing leadership roles at Ally Financial services, H&R Block and TD Bank.

Anne Elwell, Managing Director, Pace

Elwell, a strategist and a champion of ideas, is driven by a passion for the art of storytelling and content that drives emotional engagement. Throughout her more than 20 years in the industry, she’s led a wide range of accounts, including Nestlé, Nabisco, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Unilever, Ulta Beauty and GlaxoSmithKline, to name a few.


12:50–1:30 P.M. ET / 9:50–10:30 A.M. PT


The Convergence of Media and Storytelling: Engaging Customers Where They Are

Strong stories need activation. When budgets are limited, how do brands outsmart versus outspend when the stakes are so high? Learn how with compelling technology partners who know a thing or two about tried-and-true methods and emerging trends in the digital marketing space, from audience targeting to AI and everything in between.

Dan Garraway, Co-founder, Wirewax

Garraway is the Co-founder of Wirewax, an interactive video technology for creative industries, with a mission to make video as creative, connected and intelligent as the rest of the web. Partners include Google, Shopify, Facebook group products and creative leader brands like Disney, Dyson and Apple.

Ron Sadi, Senior Vice President, Data Cloud, Zeta Global

Sadi oversees the strategy, implementation and governance of one of the world’s largest proprietary data assets for consumer marketing. Prior to Zeta, Sadi led Data Partnerships at Disqus before joining Zeta in December of 2017.

George Chung, Co-founder and CEO, Jungo TV

Chung is the Co-founder and CEO of JungoTV LLC, now one of the fastest-growing international streaming media companies in the ad-supported space. Prior to that, he served as Chief Content Officer of Crunchyroll launching Second TV and, the company’s first international live-action OTT platform.

Lori Beal, Managing Director, Pace

With her deep understanding of the evolving marketing landscape, Beal delivers marketing solutions that have transformed business across an array of industries. She has served a range of clients including PepsiCo, KPMG, Bayer, UnitedHealthcare, Delaware North, BlackRock, Qualcomm, The Home Depot and Comcast.



12–12:05 P.M. ET / 9–9:05 A.M. PT

Kickoff Day 4

Conference hosts Angie Porow and Brian Bowen introduce us to two key components of effective storytelling: listening and purpose. Thursday’s sessions explore how all good storytellers must listen and observe to find relevant messaging that provides the context needed to effectively connect with their intended audience.


12:05–12:50 P.M. ET / 9:05–9:50 A.M. PT

Are You Really Listening? A Storyteller’s Superpower

There are plenty of good stories out there, but how do you get to the good stories that matter? This interactive session will get into the mind of a filmmaker and a multimedia storyteller to discover how they mine for beautiful and relevant stories.

Katherine Fairfax Wright, Filmmaker

Wright is the director, editor and cinematographer of the feature-length documentaries Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall and Call Me Kuchu, and the producer behind the Netflix drama Imperial Dreams. She has directed branded work for McDonald’s, Pantone, The Standard Hotel, Perrier-Jouët and the 2020 presidential election, among others.

Christie Hailey, Creative Director, Pace

Hailey brings over 15 years of experience working with some of the world’s most coveted brands including Apple, Four Seasons, Verizon, Walmart and AAA. She thinks of herself as a storyteller and enjoys uncovering the beauty in unique and mundane human experiences. Her expertise is in leading creatives through the entire process of creative storytelling through many different platforms.



12:50–1:45 P.M. ET / 9:50–10:45 A.M. PT

Marketing With Purpose: Success to Significance

Being a marketing leader is not for the faint of heart. Everyone in marketing leads or influences others. As we seek to position brands with purpose, we cannot lose touch with our own purpose.

It is time for rediscovery.

Enjoy a thought-provoking session on purpose and impact designed for leaders of marketing and communications. Our guest moderator is David Snowden, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications at Argo Group, featuring Eric Motley, Ph.D., renowned author, speaker, leader and Executive Vice President with The Aspen Institute. Motley will talk with us about how to move from success to significance by rediscovering your “why,” and inspire us around the impact you can have on yourself, the brand(s) you serve and the world around you. We are at a moment in time where we are all asking questions about the future of work, life and what is possible. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic era, this session may have a game-changing effect on how you look forward.

Eric L. Motley, Executive Vice President, Institutional Advancement and Corporate Secretary, Aspen Institute

Motley is responsible for institutional advancement and governance at the Aspen Institute, a nonpartisan global nonprofit organization committed to realizing a free, just and equitable society through dialogue, leadership and action. Previously, Motley served in several roles in the U.S. government, including Director of the U.S. Department of State’s Office of International Visitors.

David Snowden, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Argo

Snowden has more than 20 years of experience working in all aspects of communications including media relations, public affairs, employee communications, executive communications, customer communications, social media and sales/marketing communications at financial services companies. He previously led external communications for Natixis Global Asset Management, corporate public relations at The Hartford Financial Services Group and various positions at USAA.




12–12:05 P.M. ET / 9–9:05 A.M. PT

Kickoff Day 5

Every organization’s most important resource is its people. Employer branding, consumer perception and employee sentiment all support a healthy master brand. Hear from world-class leaders about ways a company of any size can master employee content with passion and purpose.


12:05–12:50 P.M. ET / 9:05–9:50 A.M. PT

Strategic Employee Storytelling for Talent Engagement and Brand Building

PepsiCo competes globally for top talent amongst industry leaders. This world-class company stands out from its competitors, whose work is perceived as more directly aligned with tech, by harnessing the power of employee storytelling. Learn how the PepsiCo Talent Acquisition team seeks out real and relatable employee stories and uses them in unexpected ways to appeal to an ambitious target audience, while brand building along the way.

Anita Roggendorf, Director of Talent Attraction and Engagement, PepsiCo

Since joining PepsiCo in 2018, Roggendorf has led the brand’s Global Attraction and Engagement, working to elevate PepsiCo’s employer brand through external digital channels and by collaborating with global teams to establish PepsiCo as a top-choice employer using strategic storytelling that builds emotional connections.

Polly Brewster, Creative Director, Pace

Brewster is a seasoned editor and media strategist with over 15 years of experience in the publishing industry and an expertise in custom content. She currently works with brands ranging from PepsiCo to Verizon. Prior to joining Pace, she worked at The Foundry at Meredith, Time Inc. and O, The Oprah Magazine.



12:50–1:30 P.M. ET / 9:50–10:30 A.M. PT 


Brand Purpose in Action

Gordon Locke, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Pace, will lead an in-depth interview with a Chief Marketing Officer and a Chief Brand Officer on how they are making a difference by creating a purpose-driven culture. We will investigate how several Fortune 500 companies and upstart brands are employing relevant, emotional and purpose-driven storytelling to accelerate meaningful change in their organizations and to inspire customers in a way that creates lasting emotional connections.

Yogini Biswas, Chief Brand Officer, Brighthouse Financial

An award-winning executive with a track record of growing brands and creating high-performance teams, Biswas is a change agent with a contagious passion for the art and science of marketing excellence. Before spearheading the Brighthouse Financial brand launch, Biswas led iconic brands at MetLife and Procter & Gamble.


Alicia Tillman, Forbes’ 11th Most Influential Chief Marketing Officer in the World

During Tillman’s tenure at SAP, her team helped the company rank as Brand Z’s 17th most valuable brand. Prior to her role as Global Chief Marketing Officer at SAP, she was the Chief Marketing Officer of SAP Ariba. She also spent 11 years at American Express, serving a variety of marketing and communications roles for the Global Business Travel division.

Gordon Locke, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Pace

With 25 years of brand marketing and digital communications leadership, Locke leads world-class creative, strategy and client solutions portfolio teams at Pace. His marketing leadership and agency-client experience includes HP, Dell, Rackspace, Rosenbluth-American Express, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Teradata, Nestlé Purina, Fossil, NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System and Intuit.




C-level executives and decision-makers from Fortune 500 brands and renowned academic institutions, including:


Marketing and communications leaders from leading brands, including: