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Pace team,

Hard to believe that April is upon us! Hopefully many of you enjoyed a spring break getaway with family like I did and are fully rejuvenated and rested. 😉 This month I’m sharing a true mixture of multimedia, including video, podcasts, magazine editorial and a multi-channel teaser product launch, among others.

Get inspired and reach out to the creative lead for more info if you like what you are seeing!



"The Future of Insurance," Argo's 2017 annual report

Account: Argo

About: This is the third year in a row that Pace has created Argo’s annual report since completely reinventing it as a digital-first experience in 2016, and once again we blew the client’s increasingly high expectations out of the water. As shown in the company presentation, we created the report as a thought-leadership platform that brought to life the future of insurance, with a theme and visual approach that spanned all deliverables. That included the print and digital versions of the report, including a tentpole mini-documentary, all the way through a campaign of promotional elements including emails, social, blog content and much more! It was more than six months of work by a team of 20+ and we are super proud of what we accomplished!

Creative Team Contributors: Gordon Bass, Brian Bowen, Franklin Morris, Tommy Alderson, Nathan Long, Mary Oliver, Marian Cowhig Owen, Michael Fuchs, Stefanie Arias, Julie Wilson, Brady Phelps, Shelby Smith, Cat De La Garza, Imelda Robles, Patrick Miranda, Jon Walls, John Ruiz, Laura Ayala, Craig Davis, Matthew Leighton, Chris Boggs

Questions? Gordon Bass, Brian Bowen, Franklin Morris or Tommy Alderson (yep, it was a beast and required that many creative leads!) 😉

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Hope Lines

Account: NewYork-Presbyterian

About: Living organ donation is easier and safer than ever before. “Hope Lines” tells the story of an adoptive family’s unique and extraordinary experience.

Creative Team Contributors: Camilo Perdomo, Molly McGinn

Questions? Leigh Flayton

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"Staying Alive"

Account: Southwest

About: We did a feature about pinball, and people keep tweeting it to Ryan Adams. It’s also making the rounds in the pinball world, and if you read Steve Almond’s first paragraph, you’ll know why. We thought it was a good read and were grateful that it got us in’s top five reads of the week again.

Creative Team Contributors: Brad Pearson, Mark Shimabukuro, Desiree Espada, Steve Almond, Mary Beth Koeth

Questions? Kevin de Miranda


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"The Future of Insurance" podcast

Account: Argo

About: “The Future of Insurance” provides a new platform for Argo to position itself as a thought leader at the intersection of insurance and technology. Each eight- to 10- minute podcast episode features a hosted conversation with two guests – one from within Argo and a second from outside Argo to add credibility. Topics have ranged from artificial intelligence to autonomous vehicles. The podcast is available via the Argo website, iTunes and Google Play.

Creative Team Contributors: Gordon Bass, Nathan Long, Brady Phelps, Mary Oliver, Shelby Smith

Questions? Gordon Bass

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"A World Without Clarity"

Account: 3M

About: Pace is leading a large product launch for 3M’s Clarity portfolio for orthodontists, part of its oral care division, at a large event in Washington, D.C., on May 5. We developed various materials to support the upcoming launch, all tailored around our teaser theme of “A World Without Clarity,” which will flip at launch to “A World With Clarity.” The team crafted a messaging guide and a campaign look and feel that it used to develop social media content, advertisements, teaser video, emails, webpages and more. Most of it isn’t published yet, but you can preview a teaser video via the link, and we’ll share more next month!

Creative Team Contributors: Tracy Clark, Tommy Alderson, Jack Rosenberger, Kate Hunger, Stephanie Rube, Patrick Miranda, Donovan McKnight, Kimberly Dunckel, Laura Ayala, Molly McGinn, Michael Grossman, Todd Eckle

Questions? Tracy Clark

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LinkedIn social media

Account: Wells Fargo Advisors

About: Every week, we produce Facebook and LinkedIn content for Wells Fargo Wealth and Investment Management. Here’s just one example of a recent organic post.

Creative Team Contributors: Keats Pierce, Kari Smith

Questions? Britta Waller Melton

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"Balancing Risk and Reward," Wells Fargo Investment Institute

Account: Wells Fargo

About: We’re adding incremental improvements to the digital reports we produce for Wells Fargo Investment Institute. This report, which went live recently, includes an eye-catching video loop with the opener and subtle animations throughout. Additional features are in the works for upcoming reports.

Creative Team Contributors: Keats Pierce, Michael Meder, Brian Fiske

Questions? Britta Waller Melton

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