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I know there is a lot of change happening right now. Through it all, I implore you to focus on doing work that inspires, challenges and motivates you. We all have a passion for compelling marketing and can continually re-energize through inspiring content. So as I take over this newsletter going forward, I encourage you to lose yourself in the work of your peers and reach out to grab a coffee or lunch with them to learn more about the work.


Jargon Index

Account: Grant Thornton

About: To promote an index of business jargon terms, Pace created animated GIFs for the top 5 terms, along with social posts and copy for a landing page.

Creative Team Contributors: Mike Charles, Drew Harkins, Meghan Guy

Questions? Matt Harrington

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Estate Planning

Account: TIAA

About: TIAA came to Pace wanting to promote its advisors as a trusted resource for helping clients understand their estate plans as part of their overall financial strategy. We created audience-centric content, supported by ad banners, assets for native advertising, and paid social assets.

Creative Team Contributors: Mike Charles, Austin Harris, Julie Burnham

Questions? Matt Harrington

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The DHK Center landing page

Account: NYP

About: We conceived and developed a landing page to house articles, audio stories, a slideshow, etc., pertaining to the new NYP David H. Koch Center, a new hospital that opened April 30, 2018. This is an enormous initiative for the NYP organization and a great step forward in the future of healthcare.

Creative Team Contributors: Sonia Friedman, Bridget L., Austin Harris & Jennifer Swafford

Questions? Leigh Flayton

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AAA Living magazine cover

Account: ACG/AAA

About: Mid-way through production of our Jul/Aug magazine, client asked that AAA Living magazine prioritize positioning AAA as a digital- and tech-forward organization. With the issue’s feature story — on (client-dictated) travel trends — already written, the edit team sold client on adding the trend of “smartphones as your best travel companion” to the feature story. This opened the door to putting a smartphone on the magazine’s cover. Chris Ferguson brought several great concepts to the table; his idea of a cell-phone/beach blanket gave Larry Williams “goosebumps” and his on-trend script font—to convey a relaxed-summer vibe—created an energetic cover that married two client priorities: summer travel and tech.

Creative Team Contributors: Chris Ferguson (cover concept), Marley Soden (hand lettering), Tracy James (photo producer) Larry Williams (overall leadership and awesomeness, Lucinda Hahn (feature story pivot)

Questions? Lucinda Hahn

Mergers & Acquisition Conference Video and Social Posts

Account: Grant Thornton

About: Grant Thornton held two panels as part of the InterGrowth conference in San Diego. Pace was on-site, conducting 3 SME interviews, 10 man-on-the-street interviews, and capturing both panel discussions. We took the main one and turned around a minute-long highlight video that was posted less than 24 hours after the panel was held. In addition, Pace developed three social assets that served as teasers to the eventual video and were posted throughout the previous day on Grant Thornton’s Twitter feed. Eventually, we’ll create additional video assets from the footage we captured.

Creative Team Contributors: Jon Walls, Sarah Strickler, Emily Howard, Mike Charles, Marley Soden

Questions? Matt Harrington

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