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Pace team,

Happy March! This month we get to feature several projects that have been underway for nearly a year (Rackspace, Four Seasons and Argo), along with some other ongoing editorial and creative on ACG, Walmart, Wells Fargo and Southwest.



Rackspace Cloud Journey Assessment Tool

Account: Rackspace Cloud Journey Assessment Tool

About: Pace team developed a personalized quiz to inform the Rackspace audience, through survey participation, about their own status in the IT transformation journey and how their status compares to their peers. The tool has been in progress since June 2017 and it took a HUGE undertaking between creative and interactive department to design, debug and deploy.

Creative Team Contributors: Jack Rosenberger, Marian Cowhig Owen, Nate Staton, Will Staves, Craig Davis, Matt Leighton, Michael Meder, Camilo Perdomo, Tommy Alderson, Tracy Clark

Questions? Tracy Clark

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Account: Four Seasons

About: Team is in the process of completely overhauling all property pages on the bookings site (100+) to better project new Four Seasons brand priorities. We implemented more evocative language and imagery to align with new brand guidelines. UGC is incorporated, with less but more powerful content overall. This is a huge project for Pace (started last fall, continuing through April), and the client is very happy with the work. For a before-and-after comparison, visit Vail and then see Vancouver in the old style.

Creative Team Contributors: Mary Inglut, Stephanie Jones, Alyssa Williams, Leigh Crandall, Naomi Spicer, Scott Pierce, Nefertete King

Questions? Alicia Corbett

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No Risk. No Reward.

Account: Argo

About: Pace team developed a marketing campaign for Argo’s sponsorships (Formula E, America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race), which included websites, videos, paid and organic social media, and even live events held in New York City.

Creative Team Contributors: Shelby Smith, Imelda Robles, Nathan Long, Mary Oliver, Marian Cowhig Owen, Stefanie Arias, John Ruiz, Jon Walls, Laura Ayala, Brian Bowen, Gordon Bass, Tommy Alderson, Franklin Morris

Questions? Franklin Morris

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Wholesale Banking infographics

Account: Wells Fargo

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About: Wholesale Banking is a B2B section of Wells Fargo that serves businesses of all kinds. They turned to Pace for design expertise on several technology, diversity and financial infographics. We established a consistent look and feel for the deliverables, and have become specialists for them in quick turnarounds and fit-and-finish details.

Creative Team Contributors: Marley Soden, Keats Pierce

Questions? Britta Waller Melton

Southern Star: Serving Up Carolina on a Plate

Account: ACG

Link: Go to type in 48126 ZIP code and hit Go. You’ll be redirected to the main site; then go to

About: Husk, a AAA Diamond-rated restaurant in Charleston, S.C., caught our eye with its use of local ingredients. We brought it to life for AAA Members using the restaurant as a way to inspire them to think differently about the food they eat — both while on vacation and when at home. The story recently won a Silver award from the North American Travel Journalists Association. Photography was captured during a companion story in AAA Living magazine.

Creative Team Contributors: Zach Godwin, Chris Vernon, Chris Ferguson, Lucinda Hahn, Michael Grossman

Questions? Michael Grossman

Picture This in a Song

Account: Southwest

About: In the past 18 months, Southwest has begun an initiative to “own” music, and they are particularly interested in up-and-coming artists. To riff on that, we found a program by Sustain that uses the music community to help raise awareness of public lands and environmental responsibility. Maybe their biggest initiative is Songscape, where they invite songwriters to spend time in a specific public land and write a song about it. The song and video raise awareness and the proceeds of the song go toward that particular place (I think). We sent a writer to document Conner Youngblood when he went to Utah’s Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. We’re proud of the work and enamored by the song.

Creative Team Contributors: Brad Pearson, Kim Thwaits

Questions? Kevin de Miranda

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Short Pump

Account: Walmart

About: Glen Allen, Virginia, is one of Walmart’s most competitive retail markets in the country. But to the locals it will always be Short Pump. To the most hardcore, “The Pump!” As competition lurks at every corner, Walmart is hedging its bets by highlighting what sets them apart: its people. So they came to Pace (of course) to create associate video profiles that play on interactive display screens in the Short Pump store, introducing star associates to customers and celebrating this unique (and kickass) community tie.

Creative Team Contributors: Christie Hailey, Donovan McKnight, Laura Ayala

Questions? Christie Hailey

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AAA Living cover January 2018

Account: ACG

About: To support our client’s AAA Travel Agency business, Chris Ferguson and his team (Kyle Jackson, Chris Vernon) — working in conjunction with Larry Williams — concepted this idea, then sourced and manipulated the photos to create a conceptual cover that conveys a range of hot worldwide travel options.

Creative Team Contributors: Larry Williams, Chris Ferguson, Chris Vernon, Kyle Jackson

Questions? Lucinda Hahn

Goals and Needs: Comparing Investment Priorities by Generation

Account: Wells Fargo Private Bank

About: Subtle animation reworked a flat set of numbers into an intergenerational comparison for our Wells Fargo Conversations program.

Creative Team Contributors: Keats Pierce, Kari Smith, Brian Fiske

Questions? Britta Waller Melton

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