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Pace team,

While annual performance reviews are upon us, let’s take a minute to relax with some inspiring content that our colleagues have done in the past month. Dig in, get inspired, and reach out to the creative leads with any questions you may have!



A World With Clarity

Account: 3M

About: Last month we shared our 3M teaser campaign, “A World Without Clarity.” Now we get to share the big product announcement and our reveal campaign, “A World With Clarity.” This has been six months in the making to support a huge product launch for 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners, a direct competitor to Invisalign. Pace did all of the content marketing for launch, including webpages, videos, emails, collateral, signage, print and digital ads, social, and much more! It was a herculean effort under extremely tight deadlines, and we did it and wowed the client!

Creative Team Contributors: Jack Rosenberger, Kate Hunger, Stephanie Rube, Patrick Miranda, Laura Ayala, Molly McGinn, Michael Grossman, Todd Eckle, Nate Staton, Jim Casa, Tommy Alderson, Tracy Clark

Questions? Tracy Clark, Tommy Alderson

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Account: Syngenta Thrive Magazine

About: One of our favorite features of the winter season introduces the winner of the UGC #RootedinAg annual contest, sponsored by Syngenta, that showcases family farming in America. Meet Tori, her dad, their cows and more through this sweet story and accompanying photo gallery. And please don’t get distracted by the web design; that’s done by another agency.

Creative Team Contributors: Letizia Albamonte, Mark Caskie

Questions? Britta Waller Melton

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Get the Facts

Account: Wells Fargo College Connections

About: With a modest paid media buy, a fast-track production schedule, and at least two strategic pivots in the brief, College Connections Q2 social media campaign is coming in with strong results for our client Wells Fargo. Our social assets had the lowest cost per click and video view, compared to five other paid social campaigns from Wells Fargo in-market during March.

Creative Team Contributors: Liz Olech, Keats Pierce, Kimberly Dunckel, Sarah Strickler, Haley Rogers

Questions? Britta Waller Melton

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Argo Group now listed on NYSE

Account: Argo Group

About: Just days ahead of the event, Argo told Pace they were moving their stock listing from Nasdaq to the NYSE. It was a key milestone in the company’s history, and critically important to the CEO. Argo requested broad support including, but not limited to, social posts, emails, an employee article and blog post, a webpage takeover, b-roll for third-party media coverage, and a same-day video featuring the NYSE bell-ringing ceremony and comments from the CEO. It was a crazy scramble with few details and more questions than answers, but the team buckled down and got it done!

Creative Team Contributors: Gordon Bass, Jon Walls, Mary Oliver, Laura Ayala, Tommy Alderson, Stefanie Arias, Brady Phelps, Shelby Smith, Cat De La Garza, Imelda Robles, Nathan Long, Jim Casa

Questions? Gordon Bass, Tommy Alderson

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Live Aloha

Account: AAA NCNU

About: We were asked to develop a campaign driving bookings for AAA Vacations packages for Pleasant Holidays Hawaii resorts/hotels. The offer highlighted in the campaign was a $150 activity credit for AAA Members. The specific ask from our client was to feature activities the credit can be used for (snorkeling, helicopter tours, luaus, etc.). The client thought the Live Aloha theme delivered exactly what they were looking for. Branch posters, window clings, digital banner ads, a blog post, four emails, and paid and organic Facebook posts were created around the theme. All of these assets were created in two weeks. As the team worked on the project, they definitely embodied the Hawaiian virtue of ahonui (patience, perseverance).

Creative Team Contributors: Chris Vernon, Zach Godwin, Marley Soden, Karen Sommerfeld, Lisa Bouchey, Larry Williams

Questions? Lisa Bouchey

NOTE: Use ZIP code 94101 to access the site.

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On the Ground

Account: Argo Group

About: This video series was created to engage Argo employees and foster a sense of community between the company’s offices around the world, from London to Bermuda and beyond. Each 3-minute episode features interviews with employees and focuses not just on the business functions specific to each office, but also the unique culture of the office and a look at the city in which the office is located. The videos are published on both Argo’s ArgoNet intranet and its external content hub, where they help Argo position itself as a global company.

Creative Team Contributors: Gordon Bass, Jon Walls, Mary Oliver, Laura Ayala

Questions? Gordon Bass

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