Get Custom: Personalization Improves Website Relevance

Ever feel like a website really “gets” you? Maybe it’s reading your mind! Or maybe there’s logic built in to the user experience to bring you content that piques your interest. Relax, there is no Big Brother involved. Marketers are simply becoming more savvy about adding various personalization techniques to their websites in order to create a move relevant experience. Our latest Pace Perspective discusses how personalization of content not only increases relevance but also your bottom line. Chad Hayton, Head of Development at Pace, outlines how personalization drives clicks, views, searches and ultimately revenue. Many search results, recommendations and social posts you encounter on the world wide web are informed by complex algorithms designed to predict your interests according to your browsing patterns, geo-location, personal preferences and more. This concept may sound 10x more complicated than it actually is just by throwing the word “algorithm” into the mix. However Chad outlines a do-it-yourself approach for creating a more relevant, personalized site without breaking the bank:
  • Get custom – offer interest selectors and options
  • Get personal – tailor site content to online behaviors
  • Get social – integrate social for easy sharing and tapping to Social Graph
Check out our latest Pace Perspective: “Improving Website Relevance Through Personalization” to learn how your site can benefit from a personalized user experience, and the straightforward steps to get there. While you’re at it, be sure to explore Pace’s thoughts on content marketing through the rest of the Pace Perspective whitepaper collection. Download this Pace Perspective: Improving Website Relevance Through Personalization
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