Facebook Relaunches Paid Search – Here’s What You Need to Know

Recently, Facebook announced that it is relaunching a limited trial of paid search advertising. During this test, mobile users in the U.S. and Canada may see ads, in their search results and in Marketplace, from select advertisers in the automotive and retail industries. These test ads are free for the advertisers as an extension of their current advertising efforts — only businesses that purchase news ads will be able to run search ad placements.

Facebook’s search advertising program will be different from purchasing search terms on Google or Bing, as there isn’t currently an option to bid on specific keywords. Instead, ads will appear in searches for terms related to the advertiser. The search ads will be clearly marked with a “sponsored” annotation and will follow News Feed ad templates with headline, image, copy text and link. Video will not be supported.

After this test, Facebook will determine if these ads are beneficial to both advertisers and users. While the test timeline has not been released, Facebook could potentially roll out search advertising to all advertisers in the future.

Written by Amy Mason

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