Don’t Leave Them Hanging! Mapping Content to the Entire Customer Journey

It’s that time of year again … yep, today is the first day of Content Marketing World 2016, and Pace is attending!

This year, Pace is hosting a Lunch & Learn session at CMW. Tomorrow, September 7, our Executive Creative Director, Heather Keets Wright, and Chief Strategy Officer, Kevin Briody, will be speaking on the importance of targeted content when it comes to enhancing the entire consumer experience.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How each stage of the customer experience journey for their specific brand can be influenced and shaped by content marketing.
  • How to identify the different types of content—from original to curated to user-generated—that drive meaningful action at each journey stage.
  • Common measures of impact across the customer journey, which are needed to make the most compelling ROI argument to their CMO/CFO.

This won’t be your typical Lunch & Learn—no product pitches here. Our experts’ goal is to help you and your brand expand your thinking in a way that will allow you to approach content marketing differently and therefore gain more from the rest of your time at the conference.

We all know that engaging content is key to inspiring interest and drawing customers to your brand, but many brands struggle with keeping them engaged long-term. How do you get them to return after making the initial purchase? That’s where our experts come in.

“Once you begin to orient yourself around the idea that purchase is where the experience truly begins, you can focus your efforts on turning customers into lifelong loyalists,” says Kevin.

In their session, Heather and Kevin will explain the importance of understanding the customer journey: a sustained experience model that is designed to reflect the customer’s point of view and their needs. Approaching your content marketing from this perspective can provide your brand with ongoing engagement and valuable insights, allowing for different approaches to marketing as well as product support.

In addition, Heather and Kevin will talk briefly about steps brands can take to evaluate how content can play an effective role across the entire customer experience. This process involves looking for the points of friction, and experimenting to see what flavors of content might have a positive impact to reduce or eliminate that friction.

“Forget the dating analogy. Binge-watching is a better model for planning content for the entire customer experience,” says Heather. “The content that got them hooked is not the content that’s going to keep them hooked. You don’t want to get caught without ideas for what’s next.”

So spend some time with Pace to learn how to get—and keep—your customers engaged. We hope to see you there!

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