The NFL as a Brand — Mark Waller at Content+

We are proud to announce Mark Waller, Chief Marketing Officer of the NFL, as one of the distinguished speakers of the 2013 Content+ conference. Mark oversees all of the NFL’s marketing, as well as its international activities. He is responsible for the league’s long-term fan development and brand strategy.

Building International Brands with Content

1. At Content+ you’ll be talking about the NFL as a brand and media company. Can you briefly describe what you’ll be covering? We will discuss the NFL Brand and how we manage our offerings through both content and distribution to build the value of the NFL brand and strengthen our fan base.

Entertaining and Educating

2. You are behind much of the international expansion efforts for the NFL. How are you using content to engage with those new audiences who aren’t as familiar with the NFL? Depending on the market, we adopt many different approaches, using content to both entertain as well as educate. We will discuss our approach in the UK and Chinese markets at the Content+ conference.

Identifying the Voice

3. With so many distinct voices – teams, coaches, players, and fans – what voice does the NFL look to portray and how do you accomplish that? We are a unifying cultural bond, that provides hope, optimism and entertainment to a vast US demographic, and we use a broad array of tactics to communicate this. We’ll review some of these in Content+

Connecting to the Conversations

4. The NFL is popular on social media channels, often drawing from an international audience. How do you address negative conversations across such a broad community? We endeavor to monitor and review all social media conversations, and recognize that there will be a mix of comments on our League, Clubs and Players.

A Robust Subject

5. Sports are often ideal sources of dramatic, compelling, and memorable stories. How do you feel the NFL has woven storytelling into its brand? I don’t believe there is a more compelling and robust storytelling than the NFL – our game, our league and our content make this so, and through our own media properties, the extraordinary work of our media, sponsor and licensing partners, I feel we are constantly seeking to improve on the standard we set. Read more about Content+
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