Pace and Four Seasons Team Talk Agile Content at CMA

The annual Content Marketing World event is this week, and we’re giddy with excitement as we dive into new content marketing learnings from thought leaders around the country. This year, we are proud to announce a co-presentation with our very own Craig Waller, Pace President, and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts’ client partner Robert Simon, Director of Interactive, Worldwide. The pair plans to shine light on the magic behind five-star content as they discuss “A week in the life of Four Seasons content.”

Waller and Simon will challenge the CMW audience to re-think who is contributing and feeding into their editorial platforms. Every engine needs fuel; look to the field, to your operators, suppliers and customers. You can keep your engine lean and still keep a diverse content flowing daily.

Craig Waller and Robert Simon at Content Marketing World 2013

A World of Change

As the digital age dawned, the world changed. As we all know, the media space transformed, and the roles of brands in people’s lives altered as demands for engagement, transparency and immediacy became crucial. Simon and Waller’s Content Marketing World talk will touch on how Four Seasons was reframed through content and how the resort brand moved to being engaged with a point of view about the world. Also, and most importantly, Waller and Simon will discuss how brands work at scale and continue to impact revenues.

Lean and Global

Simon will discuss how Four Seasons has seen content impact revenue first hand. To prove his point, roughly 3,406 pieces of content are produced weekly for the luxury brand. This generates 1,829,175,078 average weekly impressions. That’s nothing to scoff at. The brand is lean and global, yet continues to pump out a high volume of quality content.

Four Seasons claims 91 properties and users from more than 200 countries and territories. welcomes visitors with original content in five languages. There are 393 individual channels, and this doesn’t include marketing communications. As a result, their content engagement has proven to be a persistent sustainable channel that delivers leads and revenue. Content drives strategic initiatives for everything from core segments to emerging markets.

Agile Content Engine

Waller plans to dive into a Pace model dubbed “the agile content engine”—an iterative and incremental workflow management process, where content requirements and channel integration evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.

The framework promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery (a coordinated iterative approach), encouraging rapid and flexible response to change.

Designing the agile content engine enables an “always on” approach with personnel who are networked both within the client organization and within the agency.

A Happy Industry Marriage

If there’s one thing Waller and Simon want their audience to walk away with at Content Marketing World, it’s that the marriage of being a great content marketer and a technologist has already happened. Your platforms, processes and syndication distribution models are as critical to your success as the quality of your writers, photographers and editors.

Are you planning to attend Content Marketing World? Tell us what sessions you plan to attend or how you think our co-presenters fared at the event!

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