Words from Waller: 2014 – The Year of Content Marketing

As the New Year begins, the momentum behind content marketing continues to grow. Research conducted by eConsultancy in October 2012 showed that 90% of in-house marketers believed that content marketing would grow in importance over 2013, while their agency counterparts presented a similar figure with 93% agreeing on its growth of importance.

Looking forward to the next 12 months, my crystal ball tells me that these are some of the emergent themes of last year we’re likely to see amplified:

Content as a corporate discipline

We’re seeing clients wrestle with the cross-silo implications of having an enterprise-wide content strategy. 2014 will see more organizations embrace the role of content—across sales and marketing, corporate communications, public affairs, and social. New, senior roles will be developed, and these are likely to be influential positions as CEOs begin to understand the full impact of content on the brand and the bottom line.

Content ROI

As we’ve discussed here before, the measurement of content marketing continues to get more sophisticated. As agencies continue to invest in analytics (people and tools) and work more closely with their counterparts at the client end, we’re going to see stronger models evolve to show the power and effectiveness of content engagement on customer relationships. This is also connected to the next trend below.

Content Technology

The changed dynamics, low barriers to entry and growth of entrepreneurial talent in software development means that every new area has a plethora of tech solutions as soon as it gains scale and traction. Content marketing is no exception, and 2014 will see more sophisticated and efficient technology solutions available that will help in the collection, collation, measurement and distribution of content.

It’s going to get more crowded

We’ve always known that great brand storytelling works. And now the secret is out—all organizations and many suppliers are jumping on the bandwagon. As more entrants arrive, we hope they won’t forget some of the fundamentals we’ve learned after 40 years at the top of this “hot new thing”!

  • Quality counts. In an increasingly metrics-driven marketing world, the effectiveness of beautifully crafted content counts more than ever.
  • Like a puppy, content is for life, not just for Christmas! Content marketing is not a replacement for a creative campaign idea—it’s a way of communicating to the world (customers, employees, stake-holders) that takes hold at a cultural, pervasive and “always-on” level of the best organizations in the world.

As the reigning “Content Marketing Agency of the Year,” we’ll be delighted to see content placed at the center of marketing communications. And we’re here to help all those in need of navigation.

Bon voyage in 2014!

Written by Craig Waller

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