Top 25 Content Marketing Industry Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Influencers are quickly becoming a constant in the content marketing industry. I follow content marketing industry influencers daily and decided I would determine who the top were, based on a very scientific approach.

My process was simple: tons of websites publish lists of content marketing influencers, so I created an Excel spreadsheet and listed the influencers a few of the websites mentioned. Any influencer who was listed two or more times was moved to the top of the Excel spreadsheet. Then I factored in Klout scores to narrow down the list, and then the number of followers on Twitter to finalize the following list of 25 content marketing industry influencers.

Ultimately, this list is comprised of SEO wizards, content creators, marketing strategists, brand managers, website ninjas, college professors, social media gurus, published authors, editors-in-chief and more. If you’re a content marketing professional who wants to stay on top of industry updates, get daily tips for increasing brand awareness, learn some new B2B marketing tactics, as well as helpful advice on SEO and social media, check out this curated list of 25 influential industry experts and where you can find them on Twitter (listed in alphabetical order by first name):

Ann Handley

Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

Twitter: @MarketingProfs

Klout score: 73


Ann Smarty

Founder, MyBlogU; Co-Founder Viral Content Buzz

Twitter: @seosmarty

Klout score: 78


Brett Relander

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Launch & Hustle

Twitter: @BrettRelander

Klout score: 73


Chad Pollitt

Internet Marketing Adjunct Professor, Kelley School of Business

Twitter: @ChadPollitt

Klout score: 72


Gerry Moran

Global Head of Social Media & Content Marketing, Cognizant

Twitter: @GerryMoran

Klout score: 71


Heidi Cohen

Chief Content Officer, Actionable Marketing Guide

Twitter: @heidicohen

Klout score: 63


Jason Miller

Senior Manager Content & Social, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Twitter: @JasonMillerCA

Klout score: 77


Jay Baer

Founder & President, Convince & Convert; New York Times bestselling author

Twitter: @jaybaer

Klout score: 81


Jeff Bullas

CEO,; Content Marketing Influencer; Social Media Marketing Strategist

Twitter: @jeffbullas

Klout score: 68


Joe Pulizzi

Founder, Content Marketing Institute & Content Marketing World

Twitter: @JoePulizzi

Klout score: 80


John Jantsch

Founder, Duct Tape Marketing

Twitter: @ducttape

Klout score: 82


Juntae DeLane

Digital Brand Manager, University of Southern California

Twitter: @JuntaeDeLane 

Klout score: 72


Kim Garst

Founder & CEO, Boom Social

Twitter: @kimgarst

Klout score: 88


Lee Odden

Founder & CEO, TopRank Online Marketing

Twitter: @leeodden

Klout score: 79


Martin Jones

Senior Social Media & Content Marketing Manager, Cox Communications

Twitter: @martinjonesaz

Klout score: 79


Michael Brenner

Head of Strategy, NewsCred; Author, B2B Marketing Insider

Twitter: @BrennerMichael

Klout score: 71


Neal Schaffer

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Maximize Social Business; Co-Founder, Social Tools Summit

Twitter: @NealSchaffer

Klout score: 73


Neil Patel

Co-Founder, Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics

Twitter: @neilpatel

Klout score: 73


Rand Fishkin

Founder, Moz

Twitter: @randfish

Klout score: 75


Rebecca Lieb

Principal, Conglomotron LLC

Twitter: @lieblink

Klout score: 69


Rebekah Radice

Chief Marketing Officer, Post Planner

Twitter: @RebekahRadice

Klout score: 81


Robert Rose

Chief Strategy Officer, Content Marketing Institute; Senior Contributing Consultant, Digital Clarity Group

Twitter: @Robert_Rose

Klout score: 74


Ryan Hanley

Vice President of Marketing, TrustedChoice

Twitter: @RyanHanley_Com

Klout score: 77


Shelly Kramer

Founder & CEO, V3 Integrated Marketing

Twitter: @ShellyKramer

Klout score: 74


Steve Cartwright

FX Digital

Twitter: @FX_Digital

Klout score: 72


Did your favorite content marketing influencer make the list? If not, let us know who you would add and why in the comments below!

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