One Instagram Trick You Probably Didn't Know About

Instagram is one of my favorite social networks. It’s a beautiful, simple way to share photos with your friends and connect with people around the world. Unfortunately, with that simplicity comes limitations for marketers. Instagram does not allow you to put clickable hyperlinks in captions. That makes driving followers to an external site very difficult. However, there is a fun work around. Online men’s clothing retailer Bonobos has been doing this very well lately and they’ll serve as an example of a clever Instagram trick you probably didn’t know about. Below is one of their posts. As you can see, it looks like just about every other post you’ve seen on Instagram, except for one small difference. In the location section, instead of a place, there are the words “Link in profile.” That by itself doesn’t make much sense, however, combined with the copy in the caption below, you can see that a link to the .com is in Bonobos’ Instagram profile.

Bonobos Link in Profile

Tapping on “bonobos” takes you to the brand’s Instagram profile and also (you guessed it) a link to the homepage! (which is mobile-friendly, by the way)

Bonobos Profile Page

So, How Do You Do This?

Well, after you’ve selected the photo that you want to share and make any necessary edits #nofilter, tap on “Name This Location.”

Name This Location

Instagram intended this space to be a place to mark the location where you took the photo, however, Instagram also allows you to create a custom location. This is where you can get creative because you can write whatever you want up to 30-35 characters. I can’t give you an exact number because the cut-off isn’t determined by character number, it’s determined by character width (e.g, the letter “m” is wider than the letter “i” so it would take up more space).

Link in profile

In the aforementioned Bonobos example, the brand chose to write “Link in profile” to send followers to the profile page. Easy enough, right? You can get even more creative.

Instagram Trick

Recently, Bonobos used its Instagram community to help vote on the cover for its November catalog. As you can see the location has been transformed into a call to action and piece of information. Letting the followers know that this is just one option to spark interest and encourage followers to investigate further.

Bonobos Vote 1

And if they did so, they would find the other option with the same call to action. Based on the likes per Instagram post for the catalog covers, Bonobos would choose the winner.

Bonobos Vote 2

What I love the most about this Instagram trick is that much like the network itself, it’s simple. It doesn’t require photography or Photoshop skills, just creativity and concision.

Have any other Instagram tips or tricks? Share them in the comments.

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