First Impressions: Twitter’s New Periscope App

Last Thursday, Twitter launched its new Periscope app, a live broadcasting platform, to great fanfare. We took some time to test out its features and do a comprehensive review.

Why aren’t we talking about Meerkat? Well, it sounds like that app will be just a blip on the social radar. Twitter removed Meerkat’s connection to the social graph, and then promptly launched Periscope. For Meerkat, it looks like the writing (in this case, tweeting) is on the wall. So, as far as live broadcasting apps are concerned, we’ve got our sites set on Periscope. Watch the video below to learn the pros, cons, and potential for brands.

Periscope App Review

Potential for Brands

At the moment, just a few brands hopping on this bandwagon. We see a great deal of potential for the app and we’re already hard at work testing out live product demos for our clients, and so far love what we see. Personally, I’m very intrigued by how it can be used in live event coverage and the real estate market. Imagine being able to attend a concert from 500 miles away or an open house without having to leave your couch. The possibilities are very exciting.


What do you think of Periscope? What potential do you see for brands?

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