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The Age of Agile Content: Transforming a Branded Content Machine into an Agile Content Engine (ACE)℠

You’re not a good content marketer unless you’re willing to gamble from time to time. That’s why it’s always nice to have an “ACE” up your sleeve. Meet the Agile Content Engine, or ACE℠. A model of throughput that brings nimbleness to brand journalism, ACE links audience-tuned people, processes, platforms and performance and gets a brand’s authentic editorial to market efficiently and effectively. We’ve developed a white paper that expands on what ACE is and how it works. Here’s a preview.

The Sprint, Run, Jog Construct

Being a great content marketer means being able to perform well at different speeds. You need to be prepared to produce up-to-the minute content for breaking news or crisis management. You also need to be able to produce regular, daily content. And you need to be adept at creating in-depth, high-production content that has the potential to be timeless. All three are essential for a healthy content mix.

It’s Hard to Run Before you Can Crawl

The problem is that when a brand decides to become its own publisher, its own issuer of news, it can take years for the process and parts of the puzzle to mature, and for all the mistakes to reveal themselves. ACE enables a brand to cut through the clutter and noise of stumbling through the process and puts in place the talent, the process and the platform(s) to get the editorial effort running right.

ROPE℠: Report Once, Publish Everywhere

Consider a news agency like CNN. When a story is developed a reporter is sent, and likely a camera man/crew. The story is reported on once, and the format, length, depth and method of distribution are adapted based on the channel and/or segment of audience. In fact the same “report” on one story may have different story lead-ins for different placement and even social sharing. ACE puts in place ROPE, which Pace developed from the expertise of finding the story and to “report once, publishing everywhere.”

The Agile Content Engine: Moving Forward

The pressure is on to compete not only with high-quality products and services, but also with winning content that propels your brand’s story into the market and adds value for your audience.

But this is all just a taste. Click the cover image below and download the white paper today. Agile Content Engine (ACE)℠ White Paper Cover  
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