Creating Superb Behind-the-Scenes Content: 4 Takeaways from EDM Duo Mashd N Kutcher

“Offering a behind-the-scenes look” is often touted as one of the key pieces of a content marketing mix. Mashd N Kutcher, a duo from Australia that specializes in mashup-based electronic dance music (EDM) and clever Ashton Kutcher–based puns, has taken this to another level. They’ve figured out that showing people how you make your content can itself be an art form. Now, they didn’t figure this out right away. As with all great art, it took a bit of experimentation.

This is a solid piece of behind-the-scenes content. You’re able to hear the artists discuss their work and see a sample of their creative process. But there’s a big reason this video has a little over 20K views and the one below, done about a month ago, has around one million. The duo has discovered something that’s quite brilliant.

Wasn’t that awesome?!

There are several reasons why I love what Mashd N Kutcher is doing.

1. Storytelling

If the group had published a track titled “Airplane Sounds Dance Mix,” it would’ve been interesting to hear how they incorporate the sounds of air travel into a song. But it wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining and it wouldn’t have stood out in the vast catalogue of electronic dance music.

One of the biggest reasons the videos are so engaging is that you get a little story to go along with each song. In the example above, you see how the artist turns the sounds of an in-flight safety demonstration and of the airplane itself into a pretty stellar piece of EDM. And because you get to see how Mashd N Kutcher acquires each sound from their environment and how they turned the sounds into music, the payoff is so much better.

2. Presentation

Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen it done that well, but until I watched these videos, I never realized that using a point-of-view camera angle can be a fantastic way to present behind-the-scenes content. When you’re watching these videos, you actually start to feel like you’re inside the head of the artist. Also, by pointing a camera at the computer and showing what the music looks like within the editor, you gain a better appreciation of the process.

3. Creativity

The duo is constantly experimenting with new and interesting themes for their videos. From the sounds of a coffee machine to Mario Kart to a collaboration with the pizza guy to an incredibly meta sampling of the crowd at one of their shows, Mashd N Kutcher is continually innovating. It also shows you how you can create art out of just about anything if you have the right perspective.

4. Sense of Humor

Perhaps my favorite part of their videos is that although the duo takes their craft seriously, they don’t take themselves too seriously. They aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves or the electronic dance music scene in general. If you’re at all familiar with Dubstep, House or really any sub genre of EDM, you’re probably familiar with the all-too-common thumping beats, digitized sound and the drop. The shaky cam technique along with zooming in and out to the beat of the music helps to emphasize the grandiose nature. The overall ridiculousness is made even funnier when you realize you’re basically just watching someone zoom in and out on a computer screen.

– – –

Mashd N Kutcher is successful for many reasons (including the above), but the biggest one is these guys have a genuine passion for music. And it shows that when you really love something, simply working on your craft can be an art form.

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