Content Marketers Score a Hat Trick During the 2014 World Cup

The world’s second-largest sporting event happens every four years: The World Cup. It’s estimated that 3.6 billion people are expected to watch the 2014 soccer extravaganza, and that $5.7 billion will be spent on sponsorships and ads. With 64 matches over 32 days, there are only 15 minutes of a 90-minute game (17%) focused toward commercials. This leaves a lot of time around the games for content marketing strategies to support the event off the field.

Emotions run high during the month-long tournament, and content marketers tap into soccer fans’ passions with exciting campaigns. Here are three of our favorites!

Nike Creates Mini Soccer Masterpiece

Nike Football’s YouTube channel is a mini cinematic experience. The sports company made its debut to the World Cup content marketing game with its first #RiskEverything video, which showcased young soccer stars performing tricks on small-sided fields. Nike has since taken their video campaign to the next level: The Last Game Team tells the ominous tale of a future where wearable technology has taken the game to a new level, but not in a good way. Players equipped with this tech play the perfect game, beating some of the world’s best soccer players so badly that their true talents become irrelevant. The “washed up” soccer stars resort to new careers, until one day they face the unbeatable “teched out” athletes in a fight of redemption.

Touching on soccer fans’ passions and the underlying fear that technology could potentially ruin the authenticity and tradition of the game, these videos keep you glued to the screen in anticipation of how it will all play out. It’s almost as exciting as the games themselves. (Ok, not quite.)

Playing Soccer to a New Beat

For a more Hollywood-worthy video, “The Game Before the Game” is the Beats by Dr. Dre’s latest content roll-out. Highlighting players’ and fans’ pregame rituals, the video starts out with dramatic music and suspense. Instead of spending tons of money on a commercial spot, Beats relies on its status and the opportunity that our current Internet landscape provides for videos to go viral on their own. Pair that with the status of the brand itself and the athletes in the video, and you’ve got yourself a goal.

Shots of the Brazilian landscape, fans’ painted faces and athletes getting amped up (with their headphones on, of course) make the video compelling, engaging and entertaining. It’s hard not to get excited for the World Cup after watching this video.

Futbol for Hispanic Fans

Verizon’s Spanish content hub, Tu Guía, has an entire page dedicated to the World Cup. Connecting fans over the use of various social media hashtags, including #MeAgarroElGol, #Brazil2014 and #Brasil2014, you’ll find fun articles and infographics about mobile technology and soccer. You can even quiz yourself to see if you’re truly a soccer expert. After every game day, recap videos from Univision are accessible from your mobile device, so there’s always something new and fun to see on the site.

What are some examples of stellar World Cup content marketing that you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments below!

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