Content Wins Olympic Fans for 2014 Sochi Winter Games

The Olympic Games are a content marketer’s dream. From rivalries like Phelps and Lochte to the underdog triumphs of Kerri Strug, there is never a shortage of amazing stories to tell. Patriotic feelings swelled during the “Miracle on Ice,” and jaws dropped as Usain Bolt crossed the finish line in record time. It’s what movies are made of (Cool Runnings, anyone?). So what kind of content can we expect from the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics?

Brands Warming Hearts

With the opening ceremony just a few weeks away, one company has a jump start on pulling at our heartstrings. We dare you not to tear up during this P&G video:

Presently, the P&G “Pick Them Back Up” video has over 9 million views. This piece, along with the “Thank You, Mom” commercial airing during the 2012 Summer Olympics, has been wildly successful. P&G’s brand went from being perceived as “cold and distant” to relatable and family-focused. No doubt this latest ad will only strengthen that message.

Social Engagement Heating Up

It is no secret, however, that the Winter Olympics have always had trouble pulling in the numbers of its older brother, the Summer Games. NBC Olympics has found a way to try and change that using content marketing. They have teamed up with social media king, Facebook Inc. (now with Instagram!), to bring unique content including articles, photos and videos to the social community. The first video features the story and friendship of J.R. Celski, top American speed skater, and rapper Macklemore.

Visiting this Facebook page will give you access to more videos and content like this, giving viewers the chance to further engage with the athletes they’re rooting for. The page will provide up-to-date news, polls, trivia and more throughout the games. The content is engaging, and the page has thousands of likes with less than a month to go before the games officially kick off.

Russian Games in the Palm of Your Hand

Samsung is also trying to bring the action in Russia a little closer to home. For those of you with a Samsung device, you will be able to download and customize a Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games app, enabling you to follow your favorite country, athlete or sport. Once you make your selections, the app’s home screen will provide you with scores, schedules, medal counts, community discussions, photos and videos. The content created for this app will certainly be unique and continue to engage fans as the games progress. Bonus: you can finally find an explanation of curling.

Making Olympic Games Personal

Today’s digital world gives audiences a chance to be fully connected to their favorite athletes. This will definitely create conversation and engagement on a scale we have never seen before at the 2014 Winter Games. The opportunity for compelling content is exciting, and we are ready to wave the red, white and blue with our smartphones in hand!

What kind of Sochi content is inspiring you to watch the action in the upcoming winter games? Share your favorite examples in the comments below.

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