“Fantastic” Lessons in Content Marketing from Doctor Who

Aside from how to run from imminent danger and how best to employ a sonic screwdriver, there’s a lot to learn from the quintessentially British show, Doctor Who. in terms of content marketing. As the Guinness Book of Records holder for longest-running sci-fi show of all time (50 years and counting), the eponymous Doctor has proven his timelessness again and again.

So without much further ado, I give you: lessons in content marketing from everyone’s favourite (notice the “ou”) Time Lord.



1. Have a memorable tagline

Reverse the polarity. Fantastic. Geronimo. What do these words have in common? They’re all catchphrases immortalized by the Doctor.

Here at Pace, we keep it short and simple: Content. Engagement. Results. Though brief, our tagline quickly conveys what we do and what we care about as a company.

Do you have a tagline for your brand?

2. Trust in your companion(s)

The old adage “two heads are better than one,” still rings true, even for someone as old and wise as the Doctor. When the Doctor travels for long periods of time without a companion or two, he becomes unchecked, arrogant and even cruel at times.

Everyone from centuries-old space aliens to content marketers need a sounding board, a person or team to keep them grounded, and to offer up advice or an outsider’s opinion. You need someone on the outside looking in on your brand to give perspective on your content marketing strategy.

3. Be like the TARDIS



One of the most iconic symbols of Doctor Who is the Doctor’s time travel machine, the TARDIS. Although on the surface, the TARDIS appears to be a simple blue police box, it’s actually much “bigger on the inside,” as almost all companions of the Doctor remark upon their first time aboard.

Content marketing should be like the TARDIS. Don’t throw everything at your audience all at once and overwhelm them; start with something simple on the outside. Then, as your audience becomes more familiar with your brand, you can reveal the complexities inside.

4. Be open to change

Central to Doctor Who’s lasting success, both as a character and a TV show, is the ability to reinvent. Through the years, fans have watched the Doctor’s fashion evolve from ridiculously long scarves, to tweed jackets and bowties.


But it’s not just the clothes that change in Doctor Who. As any Whovian can tell you, even the outward appearance of the Doctor can change, through a process called ‘regeneration.’


The many faces of the Doctor
Source: Telegraph UK

For content marketers, the message is this: don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. It’s okay to change your logo, your website or even your products. In fact, being flexible to change is likely to keep you relevant for several years to come. Keep in mind, however, that through every incarnation, the Doctor has stayed true to himself, standing by his conviction of diplomacy over violence.

As content marketers, we should do the same. Be open to change, but don’t lose sight of your brand’s core values with your content marketing strategy.

Do You Who?

Are you a Whovian? Is your other car a TARDIS? Let us know in the comments below! Do you see more content marketing tips or tricks in Doctor Who?

Written by Alex Herring

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