13 Superb Fashion Blogs from Clothing Brands and Retailers

In the past decade, fashion bloggers have become a major force, some even transforming into fashion icons. But let’s not forget about the brands themselves. A large number of them have stellar fashion blogs. Here are 13 of the best around:


When I decided to write this blog post in alphabetical order, I figured I’d probably start with an “A.” But I didn’t know I’d start with an A+. Featuring content about décor, DIY, music, hosting, cocktails, travel and, of course, style, the Anthropologie blog is a masterful execution. Posts are carefully catered toward the audience, very “snackable” and promote products without a hard sell. Anthropologie also gets an A+ when it comes to image galleries. Just take a look at the sample below.

Fashion Blogs | Anthropologie

In a blog post about outfits to wear during various spring-related get-togethers, there are four ensembles that rotate in a gallery. Each is theme-based on a different invitation (e.g., to a wedding shower). Images are made Pinterest-friendly by being vertical and having some nice typography that gives the picture context. To top all of that off, below the picture you’ll find a nice description written by an Anthropologie stylist explaining why this outfit works for the given occasion along with hyperlinks so you can purchase the pieces.


My favorite online men’s clothing retailer has two blogs: an official Bonobos blog and a Bonobos Tumblr account. You can tell Bonobos knows the difference between the two platforms. Equateur, the official blog, focuses on topics like food, fancy cocktails, travel, how to curate a good record collection—you know, stuff that cool, well-dressed guys like.

Fashion Blogs | Bonobos Equateur

Tumblr is more style than substance, but that’s OK. That’s kind of the point of Tumblr. All Bonobos needs to do is throw up a picture of a well-dressed man every few days and they’re good to go.

Club Monaco

The tagline of Club Monaco’s Tumblr Culture Club is “get inspired by what inspires us.” Scroll for just a few seconds and you can see why. Culture Club seems like it could be the mood board the brand’s designers use when sketching up new clothing lines.

Fashion Blogs | Club Monaco

For those of you purists out there who might snub your noses at Tumblr, there is nothing wrong with making your Tumblr account your official blog. The micro-blogging platform is already connected to a vast, engaged network and it allows you to have a great deal of customization so that you can align it to your brand style. It also forces you to create the type of concise, “snackable” content that’s so popular these days.


To those who aren’t familiar with the world of the runway, high fashion can seem weird and ridiculous. However, as Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada explains in a short diatribe, as crazy as the world of high fashion may seem, it strongly affects the clothes the rest of us plebeians wear. And as you can see in the example below, the London-based Farfetch shows how the world of high fashion translates into everyday outfits. It’s called “Runway to Real Life” and I hope it becomes an ongoing series.

Fashion Blogs | Farfetch

Forever 21

Vintage culture has been influencing fashion for a while now, so it’s fitting that it would do the same for 21st Street Blog. Using the tile-based layout that is so popular with websites these days, Forever 21 adopts a style that is reminiscent of Polaroid instant film. This gives the blog an appearance similar to cork board plastered with photos that you’d find in a girl’s college dorm room, which is fitting given the audience. Although Forever 21 has clothes for both genders, the site is skewed largely (from a brief analysis, I’d say about 99%) toward women.

Fashion Blogs | Forever 21

Content is also 99% about fashion, but that doesn’t mean the site doesn’t cover a good mix of topics. Blog posts about celebrities, travel, music, food, and fitness all revolve around the idea of gaining inspiration so you look and feel great.

Frank & Oak

Frank & Oak, like Bonobos, has helped usher in this new age of Internet-based men’s fashion retailers. It’s blog Notes: The Art of Living has a nice minimalist feel to it. When you go shopping for Frank & Oak clothing, you’ll notice simple pieces that help create a minimal, versatile wardrobe. And that philosophy extends to the blog’s minimalist feel. Largely characterized by large swathes of white, and brief but effective pieces of copy, the Frank & Oak blog also has some stellar long-form pieces such as the one below. Click the image to read the full story.

Fashion Blogs | Frank & Oak

Free People

Bldg 25, the blog from Free People, has a much more bohemian, feminine vibe than the other blogs on this list. Predominantly white with splashes of color, this blog explores fashion, music, health and beauty, inspiration, DIY, décor, and food. What’s more impressive is that most of what you see on the blog is original content, which is made possible by the brands wide-reaching (like this post from Australia!) contributor network.

Fashion Blogs | Free People

From a UX perspective, something else I like about Bldg 25 is that when you click “Read more >>” at the bottom of a post preview, it simply expands the post in your current tab instead of taking you to a different web page. This is terrible for SEO, but great for the reader. I appreciate a brand sacrificing site performance for the sake of the user.


The J.Crew blog is a master class in excellent layout. Content has a crisp, clean feel to it, relying on beautiful imagery and minimal text to tell the brand’s stories. Take a look at a sample of this post about the J.Crew collaboration with Bulova. It’s a work of art.

Fashion Blogs | J.Crew

Makes you want to read the whole thing, doesn’t it? Click the image to do just that.

Johnny Cupcakes

I’ve been a fan of Johnny Cupcakes for a while. I first heard about the quirky T-shirt brand with a cupcake and crossbones for a logo back in 2009. At first, when I would wear the shirts, I would usually hear people say, “What is that? A poisonous cupcake?” But not too long after that, the brand’s popularity exploded and I started to get comments like, “Hey! Johnny Cupcakes!”

Fashion Blogs | Johnny Cupcakes

In addition to being one of my favorite clothing brands, JC also has one of my favorite blogs. It’s gone through many iterations in the past six years, getting better and better with each refresh. The latest version features parallax scrolling, which is pretty unique among the blogs in this list (only one other blog uses it). And as far as content goes, founder Johnny Earle constantly engages his fan base with unique promotions and limited-edition apparel.


Nau is a Portland-based outerwear brand with a focus on sustainability. I’ve been following the brand for a while and I was intrigued to see its blog has done a complete 180 from a few years ago. What was once a platform for long-form content has been replaced with an image-centric blog with minimal text. The focus is now on the products and showing them off in real-world conditions. The blog’s design also makes effective use of tiles. The layout is effectively a giant digital quilt, which reveals more visual information depending on the location of your cursor.

Fashion Blogs | Nau

Oh, and remember how I said only one other blog uses parallax scrolling? This is it.

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff shows that you don’t have to do anything groundbreaking to have an amazing blog. You just have to do all the little things right. RM Edit uses a simple, two-column setup to discuss fashion, music, food, and more. Each post makes use of powerful imagery and just enough text to get the point across.

The factor that stands out the most to me is how the brand makes fantastic use of gifs to show off its clothing. Take this one from a blog post featuring a trench coat from the Pre-Fall 2015 collection.

Fashion Blogs | Rebecca Minkoff

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “Why don’t all fashion brands do this?”

The Hundreds

To make The Hundreds blog recipe, you take one part hip-hop, one part skater, one part sneaker head, one part street art, shake vigorously, serve over ice. You probably haven’t heard of The Hundreds brand unless you’re into streetwear. If not, consider yourself exposed (not in the bad way). In addition to having just a great-looking blog in general, the site does a nice job of incorporating brand products without it feeling forced.

Fashion Blogs | The Hundreds


If you’re an avid collector of fun graphic tees, you’re probably familiar with Threadless. The brand thrives because it has a huge community of artists making fun, cool, and downright weird designs. Threadless knows how its bread is buttered, that’s why it takes time to show off the artists whenever it can. Take this blog post about the winner of their Mixed Media design challenge. It gives information about the artist, their process, and even asks the questions in a creative manner.

Fashion Blogs | Threadless

– – –

If you’ve made it this far, kudos, or perhaps you just have overactive-scrolling-finger syndrome. I hope you enjoyed the read; if there are any other superb fashion brand blogs that you love, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments section.

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