Gold, Silver and Bronze Design Strategies of NBC Winter Games Coverage

Just in time for the XXII Winter Games in Sochi, NBC News revamped their website to deliver the glory of athletes from around the world. The new, in development for more than a year, is a visual heavy and content-rich experience packaged in a responsive platform to be viewed on any mobile device, anywhere in the world.

What better event to highlight new features and designs than the Winter Games. Layers of storytelling connect viewers with an infinite scroll of content to better browse related stories and reports. The newly designed site is swelling at the seams with visual content to catch the viewer’s eye with epic videos and inspiring images.

Website Design Strategies of Champions

Gold Strategy – Responsive Design
Without a doubt, the gold winner of the NBC Winter Games site is the responsive design. While keeping modern design trends center stage, the mobile experience of the site delivers all a viewer could want in a responsive design to follow the world event.

Responsive websites started gaining traction around 2012, when more businesses realized that mobile engagement was critical to reach consumers. By January 2014, responsive designs were a mandate. Look around and it’s painfully obvious that mobile device usage is exploding. To support this growing demand we need to focus on mobile-friendly websites designed to engage viewers and deliver an SEO boost (which never hurts).

Silver Strategy – Brand Storytelling
Brand storytelling, or brand journalism, has become a new trend in content marketing. While delivering the news from the Sochi Winter Games, NBC will present awe inspiring stories of athletes, historical vignettes of the Sochi region and anecdotes from past Winter Games.

Ultimately, brand storytelling enables a business to share its philosophy, mission, accomplishments, services and, in this case, humanitarian spirit. The content on NBC’s site will include powerful stories reflecting not only the historic relevance of the XXII Winter Games in Sochi, but the overall brand that is the Olympics. Today, we are seeing more and more businesses taking a journalistic approach to their content.

Bronze Strategy – Visual Content
When visiting the responsive site, viewers are welcomed with a masonry-style layout of large, visual posts featuring imagery taken from NBC news video. Any winter or summer games event showcases powerful visuals. The bold design and infinite scroll capitalizes on the striking images and is a key strategy in presentation and viewer engagement.

Who wouldn’t benefit from a vibrant welcoming with vivid imagery? A business can intensify its messaging by presenting imagery ideally suited to convey its services, expertise and corporate philosophy. Sales always begin with grabbing the consumers’ attention.

An Olympic Triumph

Anyone that has worked toward the launch of a new website understands this is a monstrous undertaking… but always well worth the effort. When the Winter Games was still looming in NBC’s near future, the news agency took note of what was lacking on their site and crafted new amenities that would be suitable for conveying the spirit, stories and images of the Sochi events to a mobile audience.

By unveiling a responsive design, layered with visual content and storytelling, NBC is aptly engaging a mobile audience. Businesses that choose to ignore the responsive movement will miss reaching and maintaining a large customer base; as your website will not be viewable or functional to its full extent. This has the potential to scare customers away.

Businesses that expect to maintain a professional image and brand appearance should invest in responsive web design. Share your favorite examples of successful responsive designs and highlight what you think is gold, silver or bronze worthy in the comments.

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