How To Keep Up With the World of Mobile Apps

It’s an app world, you know? Both the Apple App Store and Google Play boast more than one million selections. You probably have favorites that you use to handle everyday tasks. Can you imagine your modern life without them? Many companies include the Instagram, Snapchat and Vine apps, for example, in their content marketing strategy. With the ubiquity of smartphones and growing popularity of tablets, mobile apps have become important tools for leveraging content and engaging the online community. So being in the know is a must. It’s easy to follow app developers or companies to get news straight from the source. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vine and Instagram each write blog posts about their latest advancements. When Instagram introduced ads on its app, the company shared that it wanted the ads to be “creative and engaging”, which allows brands and companies to expand their reach. Vine introduced the Sessions and Time Travel features, which lets users edit their posts before sharing them. These updates help brands perfect their six-second clips before they reach their audience. Check out a few other sources to get the latest tips and news on mobile applications. (Your modern life will thank you).

The Next Web’s Apps Channel

This site stays on top of the latest in tech news and culture. In the TNW apps channel, a team of reporters lists notable releases for the major operating systems such as iOS and Android. It also announces redesigns and updates of popular apps, and provides tips for developers to optimize their work and the user’s experience. This is a one-stop shop when it comes to what’s hot in the app world whether you’re simply looking for a new note-taking app or need the programming code to optimize your note-taking app.

Inside Mobile Apps

This site does exactly what its moniker suggests. Inside Mobile Apps posts Q&A’s with app developers and curates news about everything – the latest photo filter app launch, the platform that provides app developers free crowd-sourced translations and much more. Some apps are so new that they don’t even have a review on their respective app store yet. Inside Mobile Apps also features industry leaders as guest bloggers. They discuss a range of topics, including the importance of standalone apps and statistics about the ubiquity of mobile devices. If you’re looking for news before it hits the apposphere, this is it.

Mobile Nations

Catering to a unique app following that listens to its community, this site calls itself the “United Nations of mobile – independently each community stands strong on its own, built upon its own core group of mobile experts and enthusiasts.” Mobile Nations provides updates on each of the major operating systems in four online communities – Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and Windows Phone Central. From how-tos to forums to podcasts, the Mobile Nations team covers all things apps in an active online forum.

Guardian’s Apps Blog

Sure, the Guardian is based out of the U.K. But Stuart Dredge’s apps blog sparks interesting conversations about apps and how we use them. Dredge, a freelance journalist and editor specializing in mobile apps and content, writes weekly roundups of the top apps for tablets and smartphones, and gets insights from app developers in interviews about their work and potential trends. He also uses alternative story formats to deliver the news, including a recent live blog about how children are using devices and apps. You’ll be sure to find a variety of content here to feed your appetite. Get it?

The Recapp

This site, for which I’m a contributor, cuts through the millions of apps in the world and spotlights the cream of the crop. The Recapp offers a daily download suggestion (varying from fun, cool or just plain new), helpful roundups to use in everyday situations, in-depth reviews sighting pros and cons, and insightful “5 Questions With” interviews with developers of some of the top apps in the industries. Readers can go behind the scenes of their favorite tools and see what inspired the design and features. Other good sources for mobile apps information that are worth a look include AppNewser, Inside Mobile Apps, Techcrunch, Endgadget, Mashable and VentureBeat.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but gives you a good headstart for staying up-to-date. Think of a problem, and there’s an app for that. And there’s an app news source, too.

Your Turn

Got some amazing app resources you go to? Tell us about them in the comments section. We’d love to hear of new sources for great app content.
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