Introducing Project Echo, by and for the Millennial Generation

Sometimes, parody can be painfully accurate. If you’ve been in an agency pitch any time in the last few years, the tweet below likely rings at least somewhat true, with perhaps a token age-appropriate account exec or creative in the room to add a splash of “Millennial credibility.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.06.12 PM

At Pace, we tend to believe we’re pretty good at delivering the big ideas, regardless of who the target audience is, Millennials included. But we also firmly believe in mixing things up from time to time, challenging our own assumptions, and seeking out the best ideas, the best minds, and the most genuine perspectives we possibly can.

Which is why we’re very excited to welcome the first group of students into the spring 2015 class of Project Echo, a joint program between Pace, the content agency fueling many of the world’s leading brands, and Elon University’s Live Oak Communications, a ridiculously creative (and award-winning) student-run communications agency.


Each semester, the small group of undergrad Echo students will partner up with Pace to develop unique content marketing ideas to help better connect Pace’s clients with the highly sought after, and often misunderstood, Millennial generation.

Project Echo gives Pace an opportunity to work with some amazing talent while introducing some of our clients to truly fresh perspectives on how content marketing can work for them. For the students, Echo is beyond a typical internship – it’s an opportunity to deliver real world strategy, putting their insights and big ideas directly in front of some of the world’s biggest brands. Or as Hal Vincent, faculty director for Live Oak and all around friend of Pace, summed up so well:

“For our students, this partnership is like an advanced internship…It’s real, assessed work that they are completing for some of the world’s largest clients, and it will be evaluated like they are professionals by those clients. It’s just another notable experiential learning opportunity, making them more employable after graduation. It also raises the profile of our students and Live Oak to be able to work on a national and global level.”

It also happens to be a great excuse to try out a new gathering spot for freelancers and entrepreneurs in downtown Greensboro called co//ab. Across each semester the Echo team, along with friends from Pace, Live Oak, and the Elon School of Communications, will meet regularly to learn, connect and of course, snack – something we call Echo Sessions.

In short, good times to be had all around, and we’re excited to see how this inaugural effort unfolds. In the meantime, we can’t help but brag about the five students who are helping Pace and Elon turn Echo from a vague idea into something uniquely real: Marisa Moody, Amanda Limoges, Tim Gillman, Katie Bachler, and Hattie Hoskins. The great ideas are already flowing from this first Echo class, so stay tuned for more!

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