A Meeting of the Minds: Content Strategy for Great Storytelling

For our most recent Pace whitepaper, Content Strategy for Great Storytelling, we scheduled a meeting of the minds. That is to say, we invited our “right brain” and our “left brain” thinkers to hash it out: What role does content strategy play in content marketing and brand storytelling? How much content strategy does a brand need? And, oh, by the way, what is content strategy?

I partnered with one of our favorite content strategists, Kerry Carnahan Ellis, to answer these questions and more—for this paper, she takes on the role of the left brain, I’m the right, but the paper is the result of much dialogue and debate in the office about industry trends and the demand for content. The two of us partnered on the paper just as our Content Strategists and Content Directors partner every day to develop and execute on dynamic content marketing programs for our clients.

Here are a few things we share:

The Pace approach to content strategy:
At Pace, content strategy is the carefully conceived and developed plan by which the substance of a brand message is communicated—in various formats via selected platforms—for the purpose of informing and inspiring a target audience to act, thereby achieving a stated business goal or objective.

The role of content strategy in Pace’s content marketing business:
Our methodology puts content strategy (processes, structures and technology) in the service of content marketing (great storytelling), rather than the other way around.

The ROI of Pace’s approach to content strategy:
Pace produces good content, and the Content Marketing Awards agrees—they named Pace the 2013 Content Marketing Agency of the Year. What’s more, the content works. Our measurement and analysis demonstrates clear results—Pace content converts.

The Pace Secret Sauce:
Yes, there is one. Give the paper a read to find out what it is. Let us know what you think. Enjoy!

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