How Millennial Marketing Got Us Hooked

Over the past few months we have walked you through the facets of the exciting (and, at times, terrifying) Millennial Generation. We’ve looked at numbers and theories and musings from marketers around the country wondering how to capture this fascinating demographic.

Now, we go straight to the source. We asked Millennials around Pace to give us their thoughts on millennial marketing and how brands have won them over.

Give Me a Deal

“Coupons and Groupon’s keep me coming back in addition to an organized store without pesky sales people. I like that the sales people at The Limited don’t bother me, but they do take my clothes to the dressing room and add items they think might go well with what I picked out.”
– Michelle Murphy, Community Manager

Cool Entertainment

Apple is a brand that won me over fairly easily. Great products, clean designs, and… an aura of ‘we’re so cool that we don’t actually need your money so we’ll just entertain you with our advertising.’”
– Zack Hill, Assistant Editor

Hmm, What Did My Friends Like?

“I’m not what you’d call an ‘early adopter’ of new things. I typically wait for a bunch of people to tell me I have to try something before I do. I depend a lot on word of mouth.”
– Alyssa Schoenberg, Account Executive

Color, Classy and Hip

“I love Kate Spade for their colorful bags and their playful yet classy nature. Their brand is inviting to women of all ages, while their price tag doesn’t offend the mid-twenty something. Also, they embrace innovation, like adding iPads to the store experience.”
– Diane DeSantis, Executive Assistant

Fun with a Side of Fun

“I’m a big Ben & Jerry’s fan. Not only is their ice cream delicious, but they also tie in some of their special flavors into fun pop culture references (like Scotchy Scotch Scotch for the eagerly-anticipated Anchorman 2 movie release!). Behind the scenes, they’re a company that is doing a lot to give back to the community and are making strides in the food industry to help make the ingredients of products safer.”
Brittany Dickinson, Media Analyst

There you have it – straight from the Millennial’s mouth. Coupons, clean “cool” designs, word of mouth, innovation and fun, fun, fun. If you’re a Millennial, let us know what brands you follow and how you got hooked in the comments.

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