Why Do You Need Content Marketing: A Simple Question with Big Results

Everyone always writes about what content marketing is and how to improve content marketing, but not many blog posts touch on the “why”. What is it about content marketing that makes it so effective? Why should your brand consider content marketing in the first place?

The What Followed by the Why of Content Marketing

To start out on the right foot, let’s first look at how we might define content marketing. Content marketing is quite simple: using relevant and valuable information in the form of content (articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.) to attract potential customers to your brand. Good content marketing is meant to help, not sell, and is a much needed approach to marketing. The information will not only attract but, if done correctly, engage your target audience and drive profitable action to your business.

After explaining the concept of content marketing to a client, the next question is typically “why”? An easy way to boil it down is to stress interaction. Think of content as a way of communicating or engaging with your customers without selling to them directly. Then ask the client to think of an article they read that captured their attention or engaged them. Did they seek out who the writer was? Were they interested in the company and the products or services offered? These are all results of content marketing.

Engage Rather than Interrupt

A great article, video or infographic can market your product or service in a way that the consumer is not interrupted. The content educates your consumer and creates an informed awareness. This makes your potential buyer more knowledgeable about your brand or specific product. A successful content marketing strategy delivers valuable information to your target market to turn your consumers into targeted buyers.

It’s no secret that consumers are tired of traditional marketing. Gone are the days of intrusive marketing that doesn’t allow consumers to choose when they want to be marketed to. Now consumers skip commercials, glaze over at magazine advertisements, and download ad blockers to their online browsers. Today, consumers have control over when and what marketing they accept. Marketing is smarter now for a smarter audience. Create content that is not only interesting but relevant and valuable to the market you are targeting.

Content Marketing Results

Content marketing is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around since 1895 and is only now becoming recognized for what it is mainstream. Brands have been telling stories to attract customers for hundreds of years. Ranging from branded recipe books, radio soap operas and even a car maintenance guide, the official term “content marketing” didn’t stick until 2001. And rightfully so. This was also the year that custom content spent neared $20 billion.

So, what can content marketing do for your brand? Let us list the ways! We’ll keep it organized and bucket the perks into overarching themes that are part of a successful content marketing strategy along with an inspiring statistic.

Search Engine Optimization

  • The more content you produce, the larger your site map becomes. This makes your online presence much more visible to Google.
  • Content drives organic traffic to your business as people search for answers to their queries.
  • Add SEO juice to your site with semantically relevant copy, giving you a competitive search advantage.

Fact: 52% of content marketing leaders align SEO to content compared to only 39% of organizations falling behind.

Thought Leadership

  • Content showcases your knowledge in your vertical or specialized field.
  • Increases your overall reach by surfacing content for discovery meant for any audience.
  • Keeps your brand or business credible with fresh and vibrant information.

Fact: 55% of consumers said they would be more apt to buy a product from a brand that provides knowledgeable custom content.

Consumer Knowledge

  • Information establishes trust between your brand and consumers. Create an emotional connection to your brand with selfless content.
  • Develops connections between industry leaders in the form of influencer outreach and interviews.
  • Don’t forget word-of-mouth referrals. Informed consumers will boost sales by sharing your content and driving your target market back to your site.

Fact: 78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content want to build good relationships.


  • Deliver sales teams with insights for conversations with prospects.
  • Provide fuel for marketing automation, email marketing campaigns and social media outlets.
  • Establish yet another form of engagement through user generated content and discussions increasing time on site.

Fact: 93% of B2C organizations rely on content marketing for brand building and demand generation through multiple channels.

What Are Your Results?

We shared our content marketing benefits, but we know there are more out there! We want to learn from you: what have you seen as a positive from content marketing? Add to our list in the comments below!

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