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Adam Braxton, Vice President, Strategic Insights

Adam Braxton

Vice President, Strategic Insights

“I’m often called the VP of “Stratelytics"–that critical point where strategy and analytics meet and play well in the editorial sandbox.

Where others see numbers, Adam sees insights. And he’ll tell you that being a strategist is about bringing a lot of skills together—understanding what audiences need and want, how people behave, how technology enables behavior, and how it can capture and sort data so that businesses can achieve the results they truly want.

Adam studied classics and anthropology (really!) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and got his MBA in marketing from Wake Forest University. Best of all, he’s a jargon-free communicator.

As the leader of our analytics and insights team, and a married father of two, Adam has one philosophy for both jobs: “We live in a constantly changing, dynamic environment that shifts daily—all scenarios have some likelihood. Adaptability to change is what allows you to re-steer the ship!”

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