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Eric Westerman, Director of Technical Analytics

Eric Westerman

Director of Technical Analytics

“Data is numbers. Analytics is making those numbers usable.

With a background in business, development and marketing, Eric provides leadership and expertise in analytics architecture, audits, implementation and reporting. He has worked across all client verticals to connect measurement frameworks to data collection and to actionable reporting.

Eric, backed by a team of unparalleled analysts, works to provide clients with analytics infrastructure and reporting that both inform and drive forward strategy. In an ever-changing field, he strives to adapt to new trends, regulatory compliance, and custom solutions for existing and new client programs. More than ever, those who have and understand the data gain advantages in the increasingly competitive web marketing landscape.

Eric has a B.S. from Kansas State University and an MBA from Wichita State University. A father of twins, he remembers a time when he had hobbies and hopes to pursue them again someday.

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