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M. Carolyn Eckstein, Associate Director of Business Analysis and Solutions Architecture

M. Carolyn Eckstein

Associate Director of Business Analysis and Solutions Architecture

“Integrity is everything. I cannot get behind a solution I don’t believe in. If I’m going to take any part in proposing a recommendation, it’s going to be something I honestly believe will bring value to our clients.

Carolyn is a seeker of challenges. She brings nearly 25 years of hands-on publishing and technology industry experience as a solutions architect, business analyst, project manager and technical trainer, devising robust solutions and ambitious programs for clients that span a range of industries—media, education, technology, finance, healthcare, travel and retail, to name a few.

For over a decade at Pace, she has leveraged her vast expertise, creativity and detail-oriented nature to craft intuitive, organized approaches to solving constantly evolving business challenges. She quickly absorbs information and insights from each engagement, enabling her to draw on that rich experience to benefit clients. With her uniquely keen ability to translate complex technical concepts into simple analogies, she always keeps an eye on the larger picture while never forgetting the smallest detail, ensuring that nothing is left unanswered.

With degrees in graphic design, music composition and forensic psychology, Carolyn delights in learning more. She met her husband while she was living in New York City. They now live in Greensboro, North Carolina, and are raising their two young daughters to cultivate that same passion for knowledge.

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