Our People

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Sarah Nabors, VP, Group Account Director

I love my work here. I love the synthesis of creativity and strategy, plus my role in that with client leadership.

- Sarah Nabors, VP, Group Account Director

Sarah has seen Mount Rushmore from the back of a Harley, has been a regular at rodeos and owns a mean collection of cowboy boots. Nope, she’s not really a cowgirl, but she got well-acquainted with those boots during her stint working with VF Corporation, owner of brands such as Lee and Wrangler.

At Pace, she wrangles operational responsibilities for clients in travel, real estate and technology. A wide stretch, right? But there’s one common factor: Sarah’s always had a knack for building “easy, trusting, productive client relationships. I work hard to gain my clients’ confidence; they know I support them.”

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys yoga, travel and evening walks with “the whole family: my husband, both kids and our dog—a rescue mutt who looks like a black Lab with basset-hound legs.”

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