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April 2017

Instagram Stories ads now sold globally as standalone placements through Facebook’s self-serve tools

Looking to mix up your ad placement? Facebook now allows advertisers to buy ad slots between Instagram Stories. Learn more about targeting options, advertiser charges, and Instagram Stories ad specs here.

Facebook launches collection, an ad format that helps brands connect with online shoppers

Facebook is taking note of how much consumers are attached to their phones. The social network recently launched the “collection” ad format, which pairs a video or photo post with four product images on users’ mobile Facebook News Feed. Mobile shoppers rejoice! Want to create your own collection ad? Learn how here.

Pinterest visual discovery tools, all around the web

Remember all the way back in March, when we told you about the new Lens feature on Pinterest? Now the platform is taking on the web at large with its new Pinterest button. Users can install the button on Chrome and zoom in on or hover over any image on the web to search for similar Pins. Ready to start revamping those Pinterest boards? Learn more here.

5 reasons you need to stop ignoring influencer marketing

Goodbye, Hollywood stars – hello, social media stars! Influencer marketing has seen a massive spike in popularity, as social influencers are less expensive and have shown to be more effective to work with than traditional celebrities. Check out the reasoning behind the push for influencer marketing in this article published on Entrepreneur.

Top tips to drive more engagement with data-driven native ads

As an ad format that is more effective for advertisers and more accepted by users, native advertising is predicted to encompass 30% of the global ad spend by 2020. Learn how to drive engagement by combining data with native ads here.

NUVI Platform Updates

NUVI, Pace’s social listening tool of choice, recently announced a handful of important updates that affect the types of conversations we can monitor online for our clients. Check out our NUVI Updates deck on Alfresco here to learn more.


This digital publishing tool supports content marketing efforts by allowing agencies to push content into newsletters, posts, and automated social streams. Learn more about how to use PublishThis to support your content marketing objectives in this one sheet.


We just told you how cool native advertising is – now use Sharethrough to place in-feed content on sites across the web. Learn more about how you can use Sharethrough to fulfill your native advertising needs, including optimized headline and image testing, in this one sheet.

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