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February 2017

For Native Advertising, 2017 Looks Like a Year of Clarity

Native advertising encompasses everything from advertorials to content recommendation widgets to rewarded video ads that run in mobile games. Luckily, 2017 might (finally!) be the year some clarity emerges in this somewhat murky category. Find out what to expect in this article on eMarketer.

Why Facebook Ads Will Make You Successful in 2017 & Beyond

Hubspot predicts that Facebook Ads will drive more leads than any other paid channel this year. #HolySmokes! Learn why Facebook advertising is an essential component to any content activation plan, plus check out their predictions for the future of Facebook Ads in this article.

Instagram Launches Advertising In Stories

Surprise, surprise: Instagram has developed its offering again to include ads that run in Instagram Stories. Currently, only a handful of brands have access to the new feature, but we can expect to see this feature roll out to all advertisers in the coming months. Check out this article to learn more about advertising in Instagram Stories.

What Type of Content Marketing Gets the Most Social Shares

Have you ever wondered what type of content gets shared the most on social media or how it varies across industries and social channels? Good news: You’re not the only one! In this article you’ll learn the types of content that are most likely to trigger “sharing behaviors.” Check it out – there are some helpful visuals, too!

How Millennials and Baby Boomers Consume User-Generated Content [Infographic]

There’s no doubt about it: People of all ages love to share their experiences with brands on social media. In fact, 76% of people say they trust UGC more than branded content. However, there are some big differences between the types of UGC millennials and baby boomers prefer. Find out what they are in this awesome infographic.

Trulia #AtHomeHere Paid Social and Influencer Campaign

Last summer, the Pace team launched a paid social and influencer campaign to promote entries to the Trulia #AtHomeHere sweepstakes. Find out what we did and what the final results were in this case study on Alfresco.

Check it out.

Taboola is a content syndication tool that recommends editorial and sponsored content across many of the world’s most highly trafficked sites like NBC, USA TODAY and The Weather Channel. Brands use it to help surface their content to the right audience, which appears through recommendation widgets on top websites. Learn more about Taboola in our one sheet on Alfresco here.


Traackr is a social listening tool used to identify influencers and manage influencer contacts. Similar to a CRM platform that brands and agencies can use to manage reaching out to influencers, it tracks real-time conversations among your contacts. Traackr is different from other influencer tools in that it does not manage campaigns for the brand. Learn more in our one sheet on Alfresco here.


BuzzSumo is a tool that allows users to find out what content is resonating most with their audience and/or with industry influencers. Using BuzzSumo’s advanced social search engine, you can identify the most shared content for a topic, author or domain, or find the most shared content by type, like videos and infographics. With this tool, users have the ability to produce powerful content analysis reports for a topic or domain, as well as conduct competitor analysis and comparisons. Learn more in our one sheet on Alfresco here.

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