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January 2017

2016: The Year in Social Media

2016 was an unforgettable year for social media. From Snapchat’s rebrand to Snap, to every social network vying to win in the live video space, surprises were around every corner. Here’s what social media professionals will remember the most, and what will impact the future of content activation.

10 Digital Media and Marketing Predictions for 2017

What’s in store for 2017? A panel of digital marketing and technology experts shared their predictions for the future of influencer marketing, digital customer service and more.

Marketers to Boost Influencer Budgets in 2017

Nearly half of marketers in the U.S. plan to ramp up their budgets for influencer campaigns in 2017. Check out this article to learn why the influencer-marketing trend will continue this year (and beyond).

The Future of Programmatic: 2017 and Beyond

In 2016, we saw ad tech and data management become more sophisticated, while big questions — like effectiveness of programmatic —remained. What does 2017 have in store for programmatic? Read what four experts have to say about it.

Domtar Community Management

In June 2016, Pace’s social media and content activation team took over community management duties for Domtar. Learn more about it in this new case study.

Check it out.

Influicity searches for influencers by gender, location, vertical, engagement, keyword and more. What sets Influicity apart from other influencer search tools is that the results are not limited to influencers who have signed up for an account on the site. Instead, Influicity searches the profiles of influencers across several platforms to deliver the best results based on search queries. Influicity also offers a “Magic Search” feature where users can submit specific search queries using natural language. For example, influencers on Instagram between the ages of 25–34 who live in San Diego, surf, own a Pug and drive a scooter. Their Magic Search tool identifies up to 10 influencer profiles that fit that criteria, and the results are then double-checked by a “real human” to verify accuracy.


NUVI is Pace’s in-house social listening tool. With NUVI, Pace can create monitors that pull in social “mentions” containing specific keywords or phrases across a wide range of social channels. Pace clients have used NUVI for monitoring conversations that contain brand or industry-related keywords (What are people saying about the brand, even when they aren’t tagging the brand in their posts?), competitor research (What are consumers saying about competing brands?), industry research (What are people talking about as it relates to a specific industry or vertical? What kind of questions are they asking?) and more. With their subscription, Pace can also white-label NUVI reports for clients. Ask a member of Pace’s team to find out more!


theSkimm is an email program that delivers a daily e-newsletter to a largely female audience in an authentic, conversational voice (almost like reading a daily news roundup written by a friend). theSkimm has grown to incorporate a 360-degree network covering social platforms, email, Tumblr blog and even a mobile app. Netflix, the NBA and ABC are just a few of the brands that have bought into Skimm sponsorships. Check out the one-sheet on Alfresco to learn more.

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