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July 2017

Why I Think Social Media Is For Branding and Engagement, Not Traffic or Revenue

There’s more content on social platforms than people can consume. In this Buffer blog post, you’ll learn how social media has changed from a megaphone for brands to a one-to-one channel focused on conversation.

Snapchat Releases Snap Publisher: Self-Serve Ad Creation Tool Converts Horizontal Videos, Websites Into Vertical Video Ads

Oh snap! This new feature gives brands the ability to edit a horizontal video into a vertical-style format. They can also choose to sit back, relax, and have Snapchat’s computer vision technology do the work. Learn more about the new Snap Publisher in this article on Marketing Land.

How Long Should Your Videos Be? Ideal Lengths for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube [Infographic]

To cater to your social media audience and maximize ROI, video length should be customized for each social platform. Check out this handy infographic, created by Hubspot, to learn more about optimal video length for the most popular social media channels.

Facebook No Longer Supports Custom Link Previews: What You Need To Know

Facebook recently made changes to its API that prevents all users (personal profiles and brand pages) from modifying the preview of any link shared on Facebook. Find out why they made this change and what it means for brands in this article on Business 2 Community.

How Publishers, Brands Are Using Links in Instagram Stories to Boost Web Traffic

Late last June, Instagram released links in Instagram Stories to all users who have more than 10K followers and a business profile. Prior to this, only verified users could add links to their Stories so viewers could “swipe up” to learn or read more. So, how are brands using the new link-in-Stories update to increase web traffic? Find out in this article on Marketing Land!

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What Influencer Marketing Really Costs

Looking for a one-size-fits-all formula for calculating influencer costs? Engaging an influencer can cost a couple hundred bucks or millions of dollars, and can depend on social channel type, engagement rate, total audience size, usage rights, exclusivity and brand/product type. This article on Digiday helps break down costs to give marketers a better idea of what they can expect when they engage an influencer to promote their product or brand.

How REI is Unlocking the Power of Long-Form Video

According to Paolo Mottola, managing editor at REI and a finalist for 2017 Content Marketer of the Year, any brand can reach its potential if it approaches video content the right way. What’s the right way, you ask? Check out this article on Content Marketing Institute to learn all that and more!

Walmart Snapchat Geofilters

How does a brand like Walmart connect with shoppers and turn them into brand advocates? With targeted Snapchat Geofilters, of course! The Pace team has stepped outside of the Walmart associate program, and is creating highly shareable weekly Geofilters aimed at giving shoppers a way to easily share their in-store experience. To see examples and find out how the first 10 executions have gone so far, check out this Pace case study.

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