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June 2017

Creating a Canvas Fullscreen Experience Is Easier Than Ever

In 2016 Facebook launched Canvas: A fullscreen, engaging mobile experience. Creating a Canvas requires skill, patience and a lot of time, so we were thrilled when Facebook announced the addition of easy-to-use Canvas templates earlier this month. #Hallelujah!

Instagram Search & Explore: A Complete Guide

There are several ways brands can use the Search and Explore features on Instagram for business, some of which include finding the best hashtags to use, engaging with your fans and finding influencers to collaborate with. Find out how brands can capitalize on these features to build success on Instagram in this article on the Buffer blog.

Pepsi Is Putting Snapchat Barcodes on Millions of Soda Bottles

This summer, Pepsi is adding Snapcodes to its bottles and cans to promote its limited-edition Pepsi Fire. Users can use the Snapcodes to unlock exclusive branded geofilters, sponsored lenses with 3-D floating objects and even a mobile game within the app. Find out more about the unique campaign in this article on Digiday.

Pinterest Will Use Image Recognition to Target Ads, Including in Lens Results

Last year, Pinterest started using image-recognition technology to suggest related pins so users could tap an object in a photo and see a list of organic pins featuring similar objects. Now the platform will start including ads in those results. Find out more about this unique platform update and what it could means for brands in this article on Marketing Land.

Micro-Influencers Show the Best ROI for Brand Partnerships

According to new research, micro-influencers (influencers with about 100K followers or fewer) show higher ROI than macro-influencers (influencers with larger audiences and celebrities). Find out why in this article posted on the Klear blog.

How to Run an Instagram Story Takeover

Collaborating with Instagram influencers with high engagement on an Instagram story takeover can be a great way to introduce their followers to your brand’s content, grow your following and increase overall engagement with your brand on the channel. Find out how to execute an Instagram story takeover in this article on Social Media Examiner.

Taboola Launches News Feed

Content recommendation engine Taboola recently launched a feed-based environment that shifts Taboola away from widgets. Learn more in this article on Media Post.

Kenshoo Search

Kenshoo Search is a sophisticated paid search technology that advertisers and agencies can use to create, manage and optimize paid search engine marketing campaigns, all while obtaining reporting and insights across all digital marketing channels. Learn more about Kenshoo Search in this one-sheet on Alfresco.


Meet GroupHigh, the newest tool in our Content Activation Team’s arsenal! Group High is an influencer search and discovery tool, a CRM, and analytics tracker all in one (plus a lot more). We’ll be using GroupHigh in various aspects of influencer campaign development and management. Learn more about GroupHigh in this new one-sheet on Alfresco.


Meltwater is a social media listening tool that also has publishing capabilities. The Pace Content Activation Team uses Meltwater for both LYCRA® brand and STAINMASTER® to track online mentions of the brands and their products (or co-brands). To learn more about this tool, read our updated Meltwater one-sheet on Alfresco.

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