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March 2017

Instagram’s carousel format can now include more posts, be used outside of ads

Instagram just released a new feature that was once only available to brands via paid ads. Behold, the new carousel format, which allows users to upload up to 10 photos and videos (!!!) to one organic post. Guys, this is big. And if you don’t already know about it, learn more here.

How Pinterest’s visual search went from a moonlight project to a real-world search engine

Have you ever seen something cool IRL (in real life) and wanted to go online to learn more about it, like where to buy it or who sells it? Now you can, thanks to Pinterest’s new feature called Lens, which allows users to point their camera at an object in the real world and returns search results for it on Pinterest. WOW. Crazy stuff. Learn more about this new feature on TechCrunch.

Study: User-generated content drives higher Facebook engagement than ads

A recent report by Mavrck found that UGC drives 6.9x higher engagement level than brand-generated content. Wondering why? Check out this article to learn more.

20 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for Storytelling

Social media isn’t just about posting videos of puppies or silly pictures of your kids. When done right, social media can be used for some seriously awesome storytelling. Interested? Learn more in this article on the Buffer blog.

Influencer Marketing Drives 11x More ROI [Infographic]

A recent influencer marketing study by TapInfluence found that influencer marketing created $285 incremental sales per 1000 impressions. That’s 11x the annual ROI of traditional marketing programs! Holy smokes. Learn more in this article on Business 2 Community.

Best Practices for Social Media Content Creation

Wondering what’s the best image size for an organic Facebook post? Or how many characters can go in the caption of an Instagram ad? Check out our Best Practices for Social Media Content Creation, now on Alfresco!

This unified social listening and publishing tool allows agencies to organize social posts for different clients, manage social communities and monitor relevant conversations online. Learn more about the tool features in this one-sheet.


Airpush ad units empower advertisers with access to one of the world’s largest pools of mobile users. Offerings include banner ads, icon ads, HD video abstracts and more. Targeting capabilities include app owner, geo-fence and interest targeting. Learn more about Airpush in this one-sheet.

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