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May 2017

Three examples of the marketing potential of Instagram Story ads

Last month we told you that Facebook was inviting advertisers to use Instagram Stories. Now we’re bringing you powerful examples of how these ads are using this new placement option to tell branded stories. Check out how a wireless carrier, faucet brand and energy drink are getting innovative with Instagram Story ads.

LinkedIn officially rolling out Matched Audiences targeting to all advertisers

LinkedIn is following in the footsteps of platforms like Facebook and Google with the launch of its Matched Audiences ad-targeting options. Advertisers, including LinkedIn’s self-serve ad-buying platform users, are now able to target ads to audiences who work for certain companies, visit specific brand websites and use certain email addresses. Learn more about how Matched Audiences gives advertisers an upper hand in this article.

Snapchat is launching a self-serve platform for Snap ads

Snapchat is making it even easier to purchase Snap ads with its new self-serve ad-buying platform. While advertisers were previously able to buy only sponsored geofilters through a self-serve platform, Snapchat now offers advertisers more control over their paid content. Learn more about Snapchat’s latest platform in this post on Digiday.

Why it’s time to ditch social media cross-posting for cross-promoting

Approaching content as social-first and publishing content that’s relevant to each social media channel is becoming increasingly important. Hootsuite is sharing how cross-promoting, or creating unique messages tailored to each channel, is the best way to encourage engagement with similar content across user bases. Learn more about cross-promoting benefits and best practices in this article on Hootsuite.


HeyOrca is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to plan, schedule and publish social media content across a variety of channels. The tool will soon be launching new features for organizing client approvals of social ads and organic content, and loading approved ads straight into Facebook Ad Manager. The Pace Activation team is currently testing out this tool for use across various clients. Learn more about HeyOrca from this one sheet.


AdSwerve is a third-party ad server that lets users manage, maintain, serve, track and analyze the results of online ad campaigns. Learn more about AdSwerve in this one sheet.

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