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November 2017

I Read More Than 20 Instagram Studies so You Don’t Have to. Here’s What I Found.

With so much information out there about marketing on Instagram, trying to determine the best approach for utilizing the platform to your business’s advantage can be a challenge. Click on over to this article on Buffer Social to read a breakdown of the most important takeaways from studies on Instagram marketing.

The Facebook Algorithm Explained for Marketers

Have you ever wondered how Facebook decides which posts to show you in your feed? Check out this article to learn how Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes different types of engagement and post content, and get in the know about boosting brand Page posts while managing ad costs.

Facebook Introduces a Messenger Plugin for Business Websites

Facebook Messenger has officially made landfall on businesses’ websites. The social network recently launched a new customer chat plugin in closed beta, which allows customers to send and receive messages to businesses, in real time, directly from their websites. Click over to this Tech Crunch article to learn more about the implications of this revolutionary new feature.

How to Set the Right Price for Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

When it comes to influencer marketing, one of the trickiest areas to navigate is pricing your influencer collaborations. Head on over to this article on to learn about the two most common influencer campaign fee structures, and how much you should expect to pay micro and macro influencers based on their audience size.

The Updated 2017 FTC Endorsement Guidelines: What Brands Must Know For Sponsorships on Social Media and With Influencers [Infographic]

2017 was a breakout year for influencer marketing. However, many brands and influencers are still not adhering to FTC endorsement guidelines. For example, did you know that if you pay an influencer to post about a product on Instagram, they must include #paid, #ad or #sponsored to their caption? Check out the compilation of FTC’s latest endorsement rules in an easy-to-consume infographic on Mediakix.

STAINMASTER® Thematic Content

The Pace team was challenged to bring awareness to the STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet system while engaging consumers with the brand and products to ultimately drive in-store traffic and product sales. To achieve these goals, “The pet leads the adventure” campaign was derived and translated into meaningful evergreen content to be used across social channels. Lean more about this Pace Case on Alfresco.

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