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October 2016

Twitter’s Relaxed Character Limit Doesn’t Apply to Ads, but There’s a Workaround

Relaxed limitations on organic tweets allow for more content per tweet. Now there’s a clever way to make these changes apply to promoted tweets, too.

Pinterest Launches Promote Button

Pinterest content can now be promoted by U.S. businesses. Promotions include adding keywords to show the content in search results and other feeds.

Facebook Live is Great for Real-Time Content Marketing

This new live-stream tool allows brands to watch live broadcasts and share the link on their own timelines. It’s an immediate option to share stories, news, events and messages.

Mobile Fueling Higher-Than-Expected Growth of Programmatic Ads

Marketers are spending more than ever on mobile programmatic digital and video ads. The mobile category spending is projected to more than triple between 2014 and 2018.

The Fusion of Social and Programmatic

Don’t miss the opportunity to expand client success on social. By leveraging social and programmatic buying concurrently, brands can reach engaged audiences in a meaningful way.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows you to schedule social media posts across multiple platforms from the same dashboard. Paid memberships provide a variety of tools, ranging from managing the content calendar to advanced keyword listening. Learn more here.


Emoticode is an iOS app that allows brands, influencers and consumers to create a code out of emojis and text. When someone screenshots the code featured in a social media photo or comment, they upload the image to the app to access links to purchase the products featured in the image. Learn more here.

Snapchat (Snap Inc.)

Snapchat—now known as Snap Inc.—provides brands the opportunity to purchase customized geofilters. Users in a certain location during a certain time frame can swipe to include the filter on their pictures. Learn more here.

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